Monday, September 14, 2009

I so sorry

Sorry guys!! I've been SLACKING!

Well....what's been going on with Team in Training?? HMMMMMMMM

Had an AWESOME fundraiser and raised $1,300!!!!!

I tell ya, I wasnt sure it would be that good, but it was!

So as far as raising money, the re-commitment monkey is off my back! I'm still not done, so please dont think that you don't need to donate! If you feel like you should, PLEASE DO! I've still got plenty of money left to raise and it sure isnt going to raise itself!!
The garage sale date has been set as well: September 26th. Ive got a lot of stuff people are giving me, but I still need more! So if giving stuff suits you better than giving money, please do that as well!

On the running front--I never thought running 6 miles would ever be this easy. Not that its easy, by any means, but its doable. Im not dying the next day. I'm barely even sore. The only reason I'm sore today I think is because I ran a little faster than normal, mostly because it felt AWESOME outside! I went and splurged (if you consider $45 a splurge) on some running tights (the capri, not the full tight) and ran in them yesterday. They were AMAZING! Im not tugging at my shorts constantly to make sure they are long enough, I dont think I'll ever be the girl who wears shorty shorts! I talked myself into the tights I've been oogling this weekend because of the rain. It just made sense to run in tights and not shorts.

Now this weather. I'm telling you. If it stays this way for another couple weeks, I will NOT complain! Maybe not the rain, since that is all nasty and what not, and we have gotten A LOT of it in the last couple of days. But the temperature, I'll take it! I'm thinking we're hanging out below average right now, and that is A-OK with me! I'm not sure anyone is complaining!!

What else??
She is 8 weeks old, a full blood black lab. Her name is Nova! Nova dear is such a spit fire! Hell on wheels to be specific! My brother is definitely going to have his hands full with her! I'll get pictures on here as soon as they are on my computer !

I think that is it for now..I just wanted to give a short little update!

Stay tuned for another installment of "what they dont tell you when you start training for an endurance event". I promise, I'll get some good material :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its Garage Sale Time!

I've made an official decision.

I'm going to have a garage sale to benefit Team in Training!!

Please Please Please let me know if you have ANYTHING you would be willing to donate! I'll need A-LOT. The timing of the event will depend on when you guys can get back to me!

In the past, I've had plenty of Garage Sales. The things that seem to go the fastest and bring in the most money are:
  • furniture
  • kids toys
  • baby stuff
  • electronics
Clothes, trinkets, books, ect allllll sell, you just usually have to price them low, so they aren't bigger ticket items.

If you have absolutely ANYTHING, clothes, books, anything you don't want and want to get rid of, just let me know. I'll even come to you and get it! Ask your friends, just let them know its all for charity, I wont be keeping ONE RED CENT for myself! 100% goes to Team in Training, and thus the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Running ryhmes with AWESOME

Just because you dont see it doesn't mean it isnt true!!

So this whole Team in Training thing is going FAN-tastic! I ran 4 miles today after a fairly frustrating past couple of weeks struggling to get 3 miles in. I'm telling you, this heat does weeeird things!!!

Tonight I'll give you a few of the things that happen to you when you start running. I figured, why make you wait? But since I dont have the time to put them all on here, I'll start you off with just a few! I'm sure I'll be finding more out as my miles increase as well, so dont worry, there is more in store!! (now THAT rhymed!)

1. Your, ahem, "stomach" does NOT like running. Well, mine doesnt. The first few weeks after I dive back in, I'm usually running home to run to the bathroom. Too much information?? LOL Well, its true. I even read an article about it. SO THERE!

2. As if that isnt bad enough. Underwear is not your friend. While it is an important part of the running/living life as a normal human being, it begins to have a love affair with places you dont want it to go. When you're in public. On the most public street you run down. And its awkward.
And you try and do the "I'm not picking my wedgie, but I really am" step, and that doesnt work for a variety of reasons I just cant get into.

3. When you have long toes, like me, you may suffer from the dreaded "black toe". Thats when you bust the blood vessels under your toenail, and then the nail dies because it doesnt have blood flow. So it falls off. And you're left with sheer awesomeness on your foot. Or not, you know, whatever.

4. If you didn't sweat before, WHOA BABY. You'll sweat now. So much so that you'll get little salt crystals on your face. Its nothing short of amazing. However, while it is technically salt, dont cook with it people. Thats just gross. I mean I know it's a recession and all, but that is just taking it TOO FAR. :)

OK that is all I have for now. There is more. I PROMISE.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the end of their summer. I know I am!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

In Training

We had our first training session with TNT yesterday morning. We only ran 2 miles with the team but we got our purple bracelets for having money in our account and we got our hats for having a 25 dollar donation or more within the first week! YAY Team!

The meeting itself was a real blast. I was my somewhat socially awkward self as usual. There may have been a couple of inappropriate jokes about my mom calling me special and letting me leave the house without my helmet...I also may have made some people slightly uncomfortable by informing them that my life has sucked for the last 2 years because I'm in law school...Ive got to work on my bitterness quotient, it was at critical mass on Saturday...possibly because I REALLY dont want to go back to school lol. I'm going to need to work on that..the whole not being socially awkward could make this whole attorney thing a little bit more difficult. lol. ANYWHO

I'm still thinking of more ways to make money. Maybe doing a bake sale at school? I'm not sure. If you have any awesome ideas, let me know, I'm open to suggestions. Although I do have my own restrictions...lets just say there will be no car washes in bikinis for me. No one needs to see mom and I are working on a cookbook to sell, but I can't be sure if that is going to happen until it happens, so I'm really concentrating on figuring out more ways to make money. I'm going to send out letters to friends and family in the next week, so hopefully you guys will come through! And my family too!!

Its all for a good cause!

The feeling of raising money and getting something done for those suffering with blood cancers, it really is an amazing feeling.

I'm going to link you guys to my go check it out..PLEASE

Here is a running photo I promised. I am going to take one with my TNT shirt..just not yet! I'll have to get one with my snazzy new hat too... :) white shorts..not so flattering. Even less flattering when they are a size too big. Awesome. I'll have to remember that next time.

If I ever get up the guts, I am planning a particularly hilarious post about the things no one tells you about when you start training or even start running for that matter. The things your body comes up with to tell you how much it hates you every step of the way is nothing short of a comedy of errors. Who knew a body could be so picky! I'll think about all the things I've learned and share them with you can remember me when it happens to you..and smile knowing you weren't the only one. :)

Hope you guys have enjoyed that nice bout of weather, I have a feeling its gonna be HOT HOT HOT again!

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Year

I still can't believe its been a year.

Its been a pretty good year, nothing too terribly fascinating has happened, as you can see from my blogging. I'm looking forward to the next 50+ years with my super goofy, handsome, silly, funny, amazing husband. He keeps me on my toes, thats for sure!

So tonight was similar to the last year, kinda uneventful. We went for a run, and I made dinner. Chicken Parmesan, these bread thingies that I know there is a name for but I cant remember what it is, and cookies (peanut butter blossoms aka peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle). We did the traditional eating of the cake, it was disgusting. But I'm glad we did it. I'm not always all about tradition, but having it tonight was nice.

Here is to another anniversary, and many many more to come!!!

I love you Jacob!!

Its me again

You know that pesky blogger who says they are going to post things but never does?? Yeah, thats me. I'm guilty, what can I say?

Ive been doing OK on the running front. I've lost about 5 pounds and am running 4.5 miles pretty consistently. Its been easier the last couple of weeks since it has decided to cool off some with the rain. The runs are still tough but I'm getting through it. Jacob bought me a stopwatch so I can time myself and I'm running between a 9:10-9:30 mile. Not bad considering the last time I was running consistently it was never that low!

We missed the kickoff this past Friday for the Team in Training, and have yet to find out who to get in touch with to get our packets and what not. I'm sure someone will call this week though. I hope they do anyway!!

Ok...thats my running post for the day...I'll update more about that later in the its time to work on the all important post of the day!!! its 7/27/2009...if you know me you know what that means!!! I'll have a post about it for you later!! I gotta write it pesky these blogs!!

Oh and I'm going to take some pictures soon too...Of the running just's going to be awesome. lol...i kid i kid...kinda...

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm feeling HOT HOT HOT

Man it was a hot one last night. (that's what sh....oh..well..I'll keep that in check for now)

I ran 4.5 miles last was SUPER hot!!. I didn't go until almost 7, but it was still nearly 100 degrees when we left the house. (I'm just guessing, but was stinkin hot).

It was definitely a hard won 4.5 miles, but it was good getting out and getting it done.

Having the motivation of the marathon and Team in Training is certainly helping. Just thinking about people who are out there suffering and can't get up and do normal things, helps me through when it gets rough. Its a choice I'm making to better myself and raise awareness and money,they didn't choose to get sick. Its a huge motivator when you just want to quit. I had one of the best runs in quite some time the night we joined. Just knowing that I am getting involved in something so great was a real boost to the run that night. The heat is not cooperating at the moment, but I'm sure it will get better with time. It has to cool off at some point right??

I did get a "fuel belt" (an awesome/not so awesome looking belt that has water bottles attached to it) has been helpful when it gets hot...I look a damn fool...but its all for the greater good right??? right????

Ok I'm outta here....Just thought I'd follow up on my progress thus far...I'll keep ya time I'll even throw in stuff that doesnt involve running! Promise!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Glad I got your attention!

Some of you may know already, but my Mom was diagnosed with leukemia in April of last year. She has CML. Its very treatable with medicines and she is almost in remission, but she will need to remain on her meds for the rest of her life. She is currently not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant, if some of the variables get better and some get worse, her doctor will begin exploring that as a possibility. Right now she is doing well, so we are just taking it one doctors visit at a time!

The reason I'm finally tell you this is because I joined Team in Training. I will be raising money to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while I train for a marathon. I will be running the full White Rock Marathon in December.

If you want to know more about my mom's Leukemia, more about why I'm running or want to help me rais some money..check out my Team in Training website.

I'll be updating on here my progress as far as training goes and fundraising. Hopefully I'll have a good strategy soon and can let you in on the greatness!! Until then, please spread the word!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


You thought this post would be about food. Oh my were you wrong!! Kristin (aka, K) just posted (and by just, I mean I just read it, she probably posted it last night) an interesting "list". Its her "list of hot celebs"..oh you know "the list". Everyone has one. If you dont already have one made, you know you've said it. Like...OOOH he's so hot..he is TOTALLY on "my list".

I was inspired. Here is my list...They all come with a "get of of jail free card". (insert dirty joke here about passing go and collecting 200 dollars)

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
He may have been slightly downgraded in the whole larger realm of things considering he's been seen out with Wonky Valtrex (aka Paris Hilton) but..seriously. YES PLEASE. If you dont know about his hotness...Google him. Just do an image search. You'll see the hotness...And he's a soccer superstar. Its the utlimate combination really.

2.Channing Tatum
I think he was on Prison Break? I dont know...all I know is I watch questionable movies and discovered this hottie mchotterson in Step Up. Totally worth the corny ass movie...because he is super duper fine.

3. Daniel Craig
007 ladies. Refer yourself to the title of this post. YUMMY. It needed to be said again. Yes he's a little older. But c'mon. I'll make an exception...

4. Jeffrey Donovan

Another name you may or may not know. He's on a little show called Burn Notice on USA. Jacob loves the show. I love the show too. Jacob likes it for the explosions, spy stuff, and the hot leading lady Fiona. I like it for this hot hunk. LOL. No the show really is good, but if it wasnt this hottie as the leading spy guy, I might not watch. lol. 2 spies, one list. Maybe I have a thing for the internationally wanted??

5. T.I.

So he's my red herring I suppose. He's just amazingly good looking. I know. Interesting pick. There is just something about him. Can't explain it.

There are so many more hotties out there who deserve a "men"-tion lol. But this is my "list". I'm sure I could come up with at LEAST a 10 person list. But K's list was only 5, so alas, mine is only 5. Maybe that's the rule or can only have 5??

Well quickly here are honorable MENtions:
--David Beckham..have you SEEN his underwear ads?? HELLO! (just dont let him talk, his voice is squeaky)
--George Clooney..dont judge. You know he FINE.
--Chris Pine...yumm
--Ryan Reynolds.did you see the cover of Entertainment Weekly??
--Robert Pattinson...but only during Twilight. Not in real life. He must be 100+ years old and a vampire to be sexy in my book apparently. lol

Ok thats, who is on your list???

Friday, June 5, 2009

I tell ya

I think every post lately has started with something along the lines of "wow I'm a terrible blogger!"

Maybe, just maybe its because I AM.

I tell ya, I just dont have it in me much anymore.

I have nothing witty to say!!

So Ill just update you on what has been going on!

--Joined the Twitter world, wanted to tweet to John McCain but totally wimped out
--Reading...I'm plugging through Wicked right now, dont like it...But must finish..up next: something that isnt a commentary on politics, war, leadership, faith, blah blah drivel drivel
--Raising a very precocious pup..he's decided that he forgot about being potty trained...its annoying...
--Workin...every day from 9-2 and 9-3 on Fridays..
--Trying to figure out how to fit something FUN into my summer
--Hayden is going to my Dad's house the 1st of July..until the 12th..its going to be a LONG time, but I would say, much needed for both of us by then :)
--Ill have my first 4th of July sans kiddo...maybe I'll do something fun, go to the lake or something..thats what cool kids do right? go to the lake for 4th of July?? Maybe I should stay home since my "cool kid" quotient is always dwindling!

--Apparently pissing off the cash register....NO SALE NO SALE NO SALE...SORRY I wont press that button the rest of the time I'm here! I PROMISE...sheesh...testy much??

OK...I think that about sums it up..

Picture: the aforementioned he's growing up...i guess i could say that about the both of them!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shock. This blog might ACTUALLY make sense!

That must mean finals are over!! WOO HOOO!!

What's been going on around these parts then?? hmm..

I STARTED MY FIRST JOB EVER! Another shocker, I know. You might wonder why at 24 I'm just now becoming a member of the work force. Well his name is Hayden and he's 7. I've spent the last few years being a student and a mom. No time for work. But now that it's summer for me, I got a job. My dad was pressuring me to do it, and I said what the heck, I realize it really IS in my best interest to have SOMETHING on my resume when I graduate other than just school. So for the next year and a half (hopefully) I'll be working at the law school bookstore. It's a great setup. I get money off books, clothes, and food!! WOOT! It just doesn't much better than that for a law student! Most "law" jobs don't pay. And, well, when you have a kid and can't take him where you're going, it helps to get paid to send him to day care. (another shocker. I'm just full of them today huh? lol) My dad just didn't seem to understand that A. Law jobs don't pay and B. I dont want to take any more of his money than I have to. Oh well.

So I have a job!! Woot. 8.50 an hour. 9-2 M-Th then 9-3 on Friday. Weekends are FREE! YAY!

Ok so what else?? My Hayden-man did AWESOME on his last report card!! That was a sweet bonus.

My pup keeps growing and growing. I'll take some pictures here soon, hopefully you'll be able to tell how BIG he's gotten!

I did a major clean of my downstairs and am SUPER satisfied with how it turned out. Even though its getting a little messy will only take about 15 min. tops to get it back in shape! YAY. I'm currently writing this blog to avoid doing the same upstairs. It needs it. Bad. I live upstairs either at the desk or sitting in the bed during finals. (Well I did this year for half of it, the other half was spend downstairs on the super comfy couch. I got tired of looking at this room since I stayed in it to write the paper too...LAME) I need to clean out closets, dust, sweep, mop, the whole nine. I JUST DONT WANNA! I figure I'll get some of it done. I'm conserving precious energy for my run later.

Speaking of which, I'm back on the running bandwagon. I dont know how much I will end up talkin about it here, but I am trying to train for the marathon in December. I promised myself a long time ago that I would run a marathon by the time I turn 25. And, well, that is December 22! So HOPEFULLY I'll get my act together and get on it!! It will be H.O.T. this summer, but it will do me some good.

I dunno what else. I'm not feeling super witty right this moment. I just thought that if I want people to continue to read this ole blog of mine, I might as well WRITE something! s


A picture to send you off!

A picture of my Mother's Day present from the kiddo. Super random, but super cute because I know for a fact he picked it out :)
I said "Thanks Hayden!! What made you think I would want a rabbit?" and he said "Because you like rabbits" and I said "YEP! You're right! I sure do! How come you picked this one?" "Because I knew you would put it by the front door"........all occurring AFTER I put it out on the front porch. By the front door. LOL. The kid knows his mama!

and no. I dont collect rabbits. Well I do now. But only ONE. (and my dolly i had when i was a kid...her name was rosey--she was a rabbit...with roses all over her...hence the name..i was SO creative i know)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh neglected one

what if the pen companies had to put disclaimers on their packaging about their ink permanently staining your skin (i'm just never know..those doodles from 8th grade could have been FOREVER)?

would they then have public service announcements because they know how much kids LOOOVE to write on their hand??

what would they say??

--This is Jenny..One sunny Monday, a day beautiful day in Fargo, North Dakota, Jenny decided she would say yes to Brad. She became his very first girlfriend, and he became her very first boyfriend. All was well, and Jenny wrote on her hand, like a lot of misguided girls her age do. She wrote I Love Brad. Then that Friday, Brad broke up with her. Now Jenny is stuck with her faded love story on her hand. Dont be like Jenny.


--This is Polly. She wanted to play the Pen 15 game. So she wrote Pen15 on her hand. Now she will go through life with penis written on her hand. Dont be like Polly.

Be safe..and dont write on your hands kids. Or you could end up like Jenny and Polly. Scarred for LIFE.

Be right, Dont Write!!


sorry...i'm a little delusional

because in reailty...those are just tattoos right??

but funnier because they are done with an ink pen...slash it was hilarious in my head...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


someone made made me think of Em.

Why does the back of my husband's anti dandruff shampoo say "Warning: for external use only"

He tried to explain it....I was to pre-occupied with what the eff internal dandruff would look like/where it would be.

Why do I hate school so much?

Again, husband tried to explain. I was pre-occupied with the fact that I was snotting on my comforter and was in dire need of a tissue..yet he was still just looking at me..WTF?

Why is TV at 1230 at night so much more interesting than my public health paper?

oh yeah thats right....because it isnt so mind-numbingly boring that I would rather poke my eyes out than work on it...thhaatts right!!!

My last one is a how/why/I totally understand now

How is it that your heart expands to bring people/dogs in so easily? Even when you don't know if you could love something as much as your other dog?

Well I totally understand what people are always saying about their kids, but mine is about my pupper dog. I never thought I could love a puppy as much as I love my Bailey-doodles, but I do. And my Bailey-doodles is still my baby girl. Crazy.

Mushy enough? Good. Good thing thats all I got!!

I found a website looking for warning labels..and made one of my own:
and another onewarning label generator

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Beau

This is Beauregard. Beau for short.

Where did Beau come from? A super sketchy mall pet store. So I consider him a rescue. I'm crossing my fingers he's okay, and yes, I do understand that he might not be. I'm just in denial.

I'm super nervous about being a new puppy-mommy. I worry about him being in his kennel while I'm at school. He HATES being away from us. Hates. I feel sorry for my neighbors. :(

Anyway..he is super super sweet..and loving. He's a mama's boy. I wouldn't have it any other way really.

Bailey is taking to him as best as can be expected. She doesnt looove the idea of having a little brother, but she doesn't hate it either. She did better today than she did yesterday. She actually played with him a bit.

Ok...thats my boy!! I'm sure this isnt his first appearance around here :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

music monday returns!

Its been a while since I posted a Music Monday (we wont mention my recent blogger block)..So I'm bringing it back!!!

This one is kind of a bummer...but it might give you some insight into the kind of person I am..

This song reminds me of the way I feel about my mom, I almost busted out in tears when I was running today. I love my mom very much, and sometimes I wish I could just take all her pain away.

I can tell 
I can tell how much you hate this

And deep down inside you know it's killing me
I can call

Wish you well and try to change this
But nothing I can say would change anything

Where were my senses?
I left them all behind

Why did I turn away?

I wish I could save you

I wish I could say to you

I'm not going nowhere
I wish I could say to you

It's gonna be alright

Didn't mean

Didn't mean to leave you stranded

Went away cause I didn't want to face the truth

Reaching out
Reach for me

Empty handed

You don't know if I care
You're trying to find the proof

There were times I'd wonder

Could I have eased your pain?
Why did I turn away?

I wish I could save you
I wish I could say to you

I'm not going nowhere
I wish I could say to you

It's gonna be alright


Can pretend nothing's changed
Pretend it's all the same

And there will be no pain

It's gonna be alright

For those of you that dont know, my mom has leukemia. CML to be exact. Its very treatable, and shes very near remission, but the doctor says she'll have to stay on oral chemo for at least the next few years. Which sucks. I just wish there was something I could do to take it all away. But she's a fighter, and shes doing a darn good job on her own. :)

There IS something I have been thinking about doing, its called "Team in Training". It's basically a fundraising group that raises money for blood diseases and meanwhile you train for marathons, triathalons and the like. I'm trying to do some research on it...I'll let you know what I decide!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful easter and a great week!!

on a lighter note... my husand...the budding photographer???

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my husband gets old again this month


He is going to love me even more for that one! lol.

SO Jacob turns 26 this month. Aaaand I'm stumped about what to get him!!

I thought that I had it figured out. I would help pay for us to go on vacation. BUUT things haven't exactly panned out and now I'm not even sure we're going to make it out of town. We'll see.

So for his actual birthday, on which I'm most likely going to be buried under finals stuff, I want to have at least SOMETHING to give him..

This is the part where you give me ideas.

And the part where I say Pleaseandthankyou :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

so sue me

I've been neglecting my blog, I know. So sue me. lol. There has been plenty to blog about with my Dad having been in town the last couple of weekends, but I just never got around to it. Mostly because I know that if I have enough time and energy to blog, I ought to be working on something school related instead. I WILL get better grades this semester!! Ok, so I finished the big reading assignment for the night (yeah, there is another one, I just usually use my 3 hour lunch to read it lol), its officially update time!

--Why is it that the older you get, the less and less friends you can count on?? I mean, I have some awesome friends dont get me wrong. But it just seems like the older I get, the fewer friends I keep close. Maybe that's my fault, or its my shady ass friends. You know, whatever ;) I know you feel me on this one K! With that being said, why is it that as you get older, its harder to make new friends? I have some awesome friends at school, but thats just it, they are friends, at school. We do lunch. We have offically hung out once outside of a school setting that did not involve lunch. It involved delicious food and drink, yes, but it was NOT during school time! lol. Why is it that it becomes more and more difficult? Yeah yeah, there is that whole, everybody has a life thing, but we all need friends right?? So here is my open invite to my blogger/school friends: party at my house, your house, anybodys house, sooner than later. Or since I know where at least 3 of my lunch buddies live, I'll just show up with a case of beer and hope you let the party in ;)

--My parentals came into town TWICE! WOOT! I saw my dad for a RECORD 2 weekends in a row! It was awesome. I know he's been stressed with work, so I hope it was good to get away. I know it was surely fantastic to see him. And, BONUS, we are going out there for spring break! I'll be bringing my camera along for the shenanigans. We're supposed to go snow tubing. Its going to be hilarious. I just hope I escape without being battered and brusied, and possilby broken!

--My dog is a brat. I mean this so literally it hurts. I usually take her bratty butt to drop Hayder off at school. Monday, however, we were running late so she had to stay her, "I take forever to find the perfect pee spot when you're in a hurry" self at home. She proceeded to get in the pantry, (yeah I left the door open, what? go back, re read, I was in a hurry!) and steal FunDip, open the package on her bed and leave a mess for me to clean up. I mean the least she could have done was actually eaten it!! By the time I got home she had done her dirty bratty deed and promptly headed back to her sleeping spot. Seriously.

--I'm a nerd. I totally reserved a copy of Twilight. The movie. It comes out next weekend, and I'm so excited, the lady at blockbuster totally sucked me in and I reserved a copy for 5 bucks. OY! Proceed to make fun of me. I can take it. But if you haven't read the books, you wouldn't understand. If you have, proceed. :)

--I get to have a date with the hubster this weekend! Woo hoo! Last one was Valentines Day and it didn't turn out as well and we'd hoped. Basically, the movie we went to sucked. And that can put a damper on a date! So this weeked we are either going to the gun range (yeah, you read that right, I want to learn to shoot!), or maybe go-karts and mini golf weather permitting. If not there is always bowling! We are doing something fun this time, screw trying to be romantical. (thats what she said, you're welcome Emily)

--The gym is my bitch. Or I'm the gym's bitch. Whatever. If you're driving through my neighborhood and you see a scale soar through the air....that was me. After another workout and failure to lose any weight. Jacob says I'm gaining muscle. Well I better look like freaking Ahnold Schwartze-gubernor!! lol. Or my scale is gonna get it!

--There is an odd pain in my leg, I refuse to go to the doctor. I'm afraid I have a stress fracture. But I secretly think it would be awesome to have crutches, until I'm running late to pick up Hayden and inevitably get going too fast on said crutches and eat it infront of everyone. Yep, its a pretty rad visual for me too.

I think that about sums it up. I'm sure there is more, like my parental running the half marathon or my dad playing the hoola hoop game on Wii fit, but those must be saved for another day! I must get back to Evidence, then its time for some recorded fantasticalness and bedtime!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

another edition

Its another edition of "what not to do at the gym" according to me!!

1. Please. (thats right I started with please, that means you need to listen) If you're going to walk on the treadmill, I applaud you for getting your relatively skinny butt to the gym, BUT (yep, its capitalized, that means something important comes next) please do not read a book while you are walking slower than my Great Aunt Edna who's bedridden and senile (no i dont have one, I'm just trying to be descriptive. you the point home). You just end up looking ridiculous. Especially since you're reading a BOOK at the GYM.

2. Do not talk on the cell phone at the gym. JUST DONT. Seriously. They should have a box you put your phone in if you take it near a treadmill. Or maybe if you're caught talking on the phone during a workout session, you get banned from the gym until you can prove that you're not codependent to whomever it was you were speaking to. That could be awhile, and I'm ok with that.

3. There is NO NAKED in the locker room. I dont care. I don't want to see your boobies. If however you do decide to be naked, or nearly naked, I will ask you to PLEASE refrain from speaking to ANYONE else until you are fully dressed. I mean it. Next time I'm stealing your clothes and running out to the parking lot with them. If you're so comfy with the nude-ness, what's a little more public nudity??

4. Have you learned nothing? Tanning is bad. It also smells. And I hear it gives you cancer.

5. Last but not least. If you dont come to the gym to break a sweat, please stay home. Please and thank you. We are all here to better ourselves..not to look pretty. Oh, and if you're not going to break a sweat by working out, I suggest a parka rather than those itty bitty shorts. You just look silly.

You're welcome.

Friday, February 20, 2009

update, update, update!

You might be wondering how I'm doing with the gym. Its going quite well. Last week we went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and had every intention on going over the weekend or Friday, but it just didn't come together. Monday I was exhausted and Jacob needed to get his phone fixed, so this week we went Tuesday, Wednesday, and I went by myself today and K and I are going tomorrow! Wooo hooo!! I'm not sure where I am weight wise. I thought I would have lost more by now, but I'm trying to get motivated regardless. As far as I know I've only lost about a pound, but I've been a lot better about my deit this week, so I'm hoping this week will be kinder on the scale! We'll see!
It's getting easier and easier to convince myself to actually go, so that's good.

Anyway....what else has been going on?? hmmm....not a lot. School basically. I'm not hating it as much this semester. I actually enjoy a couple of my classes. We'll see how I feel once finals come around :).

A little while ago I blogged that we were thinking about getting a new car, and well, we did!! We bought a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. I LOVE IT! Omg. I thought I was going to HATE it. But I sooo dont. I love it so much. Believe it or not, its fun to drive! I thought it was going to be like driving a bus. But its really not. It honestly handles better than my old car, an 02 Altima. We still have the Altima, Jacob is driving her. Thats right, her. Her name is J. Lo, cuz she has a booty. I'm still struggling with what to name my truck. Im honestly still deciding if its a boy or a girl. Jacob and K seem to think its a boy. I'm not convinced. It could be a she. Nobody said big trucks couldnt be girls!! But most likely, yeah, its a boy. Hmmm...I'll keep thinking about it. I was hoping it would just come to me, but it took a couple years to name J.Lo. I'm pretty sure she got her name from me and Sarah. So he doesnt need a name right away. And yes, Jacob thinks its crazy I name my cars. We never named his. I know I'm crazy. Its ok.

Ok..thats it..I dont have much to say, thats pretty much why I havent posted lately.

Last but not least, a picture!!
My little cowboy!! And yes, that is his smile. I dont know what that kid was thinking, but hey, he's 7!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Name Game!

1.Your real name:

Katelin White

2.Witness protection name:(mother and fathers middle names)

Ann Norton

3.Nascar Name:(first name of your mother's dad, father's dad)

Lonnie James or Ralph James

4.Star Wars Name:(the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name)


5.Detective Name:(favorite color, favorite animal)

Blue Dog..haha i'm also a really cool painting SWEET

6.Soap Opera name:(middle name, town where you were born)

Jean Dallas

7.Superhero name: (2nd fav color, fav drink, add "THE" to the beginning)

The pink marg

8.Fly name:(first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name)

Kate (SWEET!!)

9.Street name:(fav ice cream flavor, fav cookie)

Caramel Swirl Oatmeal Raisin

10. Skank name: (1st pet's name, street you grew up on)

Sheena Venice (omg...awesome)

11.Gangsta name:(first 3 letters of first name plus 'izzle')


12.Your goth name:(black, and the name of one of your pets)

Black Bailey

13. Stripper name: (name of your fav perfume/cologne, fav candy)

Light Blue Pay Day

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Duggars are NOT allowed at my gym

OK. First, before I get to the real reason for this post, I made it to the gym! Not only did I make it TO the gym, I worked out for an hour...all cardio! Thats right, I did cardio for AN HOUR! 30ish minutes on the tredmill (and by ish I mean I'm pretty sure I did more, but I'm rounding down) and 30 minutes on the stationary bike. WHEW! That was a work out if I do say so myself! With only an hour to work out on days that we go at night, I think that until I've lost a little more weight, I'll stick to cardio for 45 minutes to an hour, eventually getting to 30 or 40 minutes of cardio and the rest of the hour doing weights. But right now, my butt needs cardio! LITERALLY! haha

ok. Now, on to the reason for this post.

If you are going to become a gym member, or are a gym member I think it is important that you understand that there are certain cardinal rules you should strive not to break. They range from fashion no-no's to no-no's that should mean you have to surrender your card at the door before you exit.

What I observed tonight....

--Please. If you're going to bring your kids to the gym, maybe you should only have had 2. I'm just saying. 3 is pushing it but MAYBE I'll let you get away with it if I like you, and if the fact that you have your 3 kids in the kids zone doesn't make me wait 15 minutes to get my kid in because they are at capacity. OY. (this is just a small infraction, one that is forgivable since people are pretty attached to their kids...but just think about obviously spend some time at home doing cardio if you've got 3 kids...maybe you can cut it back when youre at the just saying)

--Ladies. Just because girls in magazines do it, or because you did it when you played volleyball does NOT mean you should wear black spandex short/underwear looking things to work out in. They are NOT flattering, and yes, if you had it, I could see your cellulite. Just remember that for when you finally birth a child. And yes, spandex capris count too. Oh and black shows sweat too, just so you know. lol

--No. Those trash bag looking things that make you sweat more don't work, and they make you look like an idiot. Yes, they make you sweat. But there is a funny thing about sweat. If you sweat too much, or pretty much at all, your body forces you at some point to replace that water. So basically you get to lose that water weight for about a day. Then your body makes you drink it all back in. With some exceptions I know. And then all your left with is you, at the gym, looking like a damn fool.

--Full eyeshadow and all...should not be worn to the gym. Unless your name is RuPaul. Meaning youre a tranny, then I will make an exception and possibly invite you over for dinner.

--Talking on the cell phone while you're hogging the BEST treadmill in the place makes a chubby girl angry. Especially if you're using it to WALK. And even more if you're a skinny B. Go use the regular treadmill and let me, chubbs, use the one that has better shock absorption for all the body mass I shove on my joints when I make my legs go fast and pretend its running.

--Reading a book while on the treadmill walking at the pace of a child who just learned to walk is unacceptable if all the treadmills are full. And please, tell me why, if you're walking so damn slow, do you need one of the precious few towels our lovely gym establishment seems to have? Afraid your book is going to break a sweat?

--Do not go from stationary bike to stationary bike wondering why they wont work. Then dont listen when I tell you how to work it. Pedal, Push Start, Select Program. I'm thinking thats on the machine somewhere garbage bag wearing, full face of makeup having lady.

OK. I think that about sums up my gym experience for the day. I'm telling you. OY! Oh and want motivation? Listen (or read the closed captioning..dude dont ever let me do that..I would be terrible AND I would "accidentally" curse alll the time..especially when certian people were on TV lol) to Obama talk about the bailout. Now that is some kind of motivation. It might make you want to scream, but hey..the tredmill only goes so fast and you have to breathe at some point right? lol

Sunday, February 8, 2009

C'mon Ya'll

Seriously. Ya'll. C'mon. Why didn't anyone tell me I had gotten HUGE?

You are my people. No one pulled me aside for a chit chat to tell me I was packing on the lb's.

I'm so disappointed. Of course not at ya'll, much. lol. I'm disappointed in myself! I was in decent shape right before the wedding, then it all went down hill! OMG now I'm frigging HUGE. I've gained roughly 10 pounds. Or so said the scale at the gym. (more like 12 but whatev). My scale at home only says I gained 6. But I'm a friggin hiefer.

So I'm recommiting to the gym. I'll post on here regularly about my progress, and you guys can keep me accountable. PLEASE! I need it. Somebody has to yell at me when I stay home to sleep under the gise of staying home to "read" for criminal procedure. Cuz lets be real. I dont ever end up reading as much as I need to. I end up sleeping until 11 or 1130, getting my ass outta bed, ready for school and my heart POUNDS during class just praying I wont get called on. So. I need to get my act together! Gym--4 or 5 times a week. I bought the dang membership, and so did Jacob. We ought to use it.

I propose
Gym--Monday and Wednesday evening--just cardio; Tuesday and Thursday morning--cardio and strength training and Saturday--maybe take a class or cardio and weights.

Sounds doable. Jacob can go on Monday Wednesday and Saturday...and he could probable convince me to go with him on Friday if all I had to do was the elliptical :)

Ok so as of this morning (I'm so not weighing right now, I've put away WAY too much today due to it being "that time of the month" and the only thing that seems to work is eating and sleeping..)

I weighed 66.2 kilos

My dad is coming in town at the end of the like 2 weeks. I wanna weigh 64.4 kilos (or lose 3 pounds) more than that would be GREAT. But I'm trying to be realistic.

By May I'd like to weigh between 61.2 kilos and 58.9 kilos. That would mean I need to lose between 10 and 15 pounds.

Thats totally doable...right??

I'll keep checking in...and if I dont, feel free to yell at me. :) Matter of fact, PLEASE yell at me!

That is all...Hope everyone is doing well...I have some updating to do, but for now its just a post about being a girl with body image issues :)

Totally me. I know..Stupid. I'm not making light of it either, but I've tried acting all "I love my body" and it never works. I just end up in a funk, which leads to eating, which NEVER HELPS. Seriously if anybody knows how to break the cycle, lemme know.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Calming a Broken Heart

Only forgiveness can calm a broken heart. You must release the pieces and let them fall to be able to put them back together again, piece by piece. To find each piece one must realize why it fell, and what it means. Once the heart is repaired, the only thing that will calm it, is to forgive the one who broke it. Forgiveness lurks where the heart once sat, and to find it means you now have the ability to put the heart back in its rightful place. It is only then, when you realize that the pain and hurt still exist as if the pieces had just fallen, that it becomes clear that the journey does not end after your heart is mended. It is only when forgiveness is given can you truly live outside the pain that once was.

But forgiveness is an illusive creature. One that is well skilled in the art of diversion. Forgiveness is also beautiful. It brings with it a sense of clarity and peace that is as soothing as a summer breeze or a rain storm in the face of a drought. It cleanses everything it touches, leaving its mark on the heart.

So, I forgive you. I forgive you for all that you have done. I forgive you for all the hurt, pain, confusion that you caused. I forgive you because without it I cannot have my heart back. You have kept it for so long, I'm not sure I realized its absence. I was able to keep parts of it that I needed, but you kept the parts that were only yours for a short time. Now that my heart is complete, I must move on and find a place within me to forgive you. Forgiveness tastes sweet, sweeter the pain ever felt. Because the pain made me remember, and memory is cruel, but sweet. Now that I have forgiven you, I can now rest in a place of serenity. Your place in my life now serves as a reminder that I am a strong, beautiful, caring woman, who has the strength to overcome and forgive. This is truly sweet summer day spent on a porch swing with the ones I love, with a cool breeze kissing my face and sweet tea drowning my thirst.

Judgy-pants. NO being all judge judy tomorrow/later. I wrote something and I wanted to post it. No being all judg-ey about it. Either you like it or you dont, but its a blog I wanted to write, so yeah...dont be debbie downer about it.



Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Return to the Masses

Assuming that the masses actually read my blog. I'm guessing that is probably a huge overstatement, but hey, we all need a little encouragement now and then! lol. So I haven't really been blogging lately. I guess I haven't really had much to say. I mean, there is school, but I'm pretty tired of blogging about it. So I'm going to try and not do that so much anymore! SHOCKER! I'm at least going to try and not complain about it so much. I'm hoping this carries over into my "real life". We'll see how that goes.

OK so if there is no school to blog least whine about...what is there left to blog about?? I'm hoping to figure that out. I always have something twirling around in my head, so I'm sure I can come up with something.

Today...hmm...I haven't really done much. Had some pretty wierd dreams, which are pretty standard these days. When that dreaded monster called school comes back I tend to get pretty vivid wierd dreams. I have no idea why, but if I do figure it out, my next mission will be to figure out how to make them stop! lol. Then I watched some lifetime movies, also standard practice on the weekends. They waste a pretty awesome amount of my time.

What am I doing now then?? Listening to some pretty awesome music. Kate Voegele to be exact. Her voice is pretty interesting..I'm trying it on for size, see if I like it! (thats what she said) lol. I feel like this will be return of Music Monday! WOO HOO! Perfect since one of my favorite sources of music comes on TV on Mondays! TV a source of music you ask? Yes, One Tree Hill has some pretty fantastic music, and I just found the best website that tells me what songs they played AND links me to the myspace pages of the artists that have them! SWEET! I've been jonesing for some good tunes lately, hopefully this will be the start of a wonderful and the music site! lol.

What else...hmm.....been car shopping! We've been really thinking about getting something a little bigger than what we have since we'll most likely be hanging around Texas for a while :). Those trips back to Alabama get pretty cramped in both of our cars, so we're thinking that if we can upgrade Jacob's HHR, we can upgrade mine after I get out of school. Plus that leaves us with a car that gets good gas mileage for Jacob to take to work, and a pretty sweet automobile for me to get around in! (the bonus of a short commute, I get to drive the "new to us" car!). We'll see, we found something we like, but being that we're practical people, we're still tryin to make sure we can buy it. Thats right, some people do actually try and make sure they can afford stuff before they buy it. Shocker I if I could just impart that knowledge on the rest of the country we MIGHT not be in a recession..hmmm...tricky. I'll let you know how that works out.

Ok. I think thats enough for now. I'll try and get back in the swing of this whole blog thing. I've missed emparting my boring-ness on the "masses" so maybe it wont be too difficult!

And finally. I think I'm going to start trying to grow my hair out. This is a picture of me geez..probably 4 years ago with long hair. Lemme know what you think!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Its BaaAAck

School that is.

Today was it, the beginning of my 4th semester of school. As of today I am halfway finished.

So, how was it you ask? Mediocre. My classes are ok, nothing to write home about quite yet. I'm currently avoiding reading for Criminal Procedure and posting this blog instead. Hence I'll make it short.

I'm pissed. My grades this semester suck, I gained wayy to much weight over the break, I cannot stand the idea of drudging through this AGAIN. (and again and again for 2 more semesters). I just dont know how much longer I can submit myself to this torture. But alas, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. Hopefully I'll put this book away soon...only 10 more pages...then head to bed. I have to get up in the morning...ick..and go to the gym..double ick. But if I want to get any of this friggin weight off...I gotta hit the tredmil. Maybe I'll have some profoud thought about how to get through the next year and half. Cross your fingers.

Friday, January 9, 2009

End of an Era

It's pretty much the official end of winter break. I start back on Monday, and I'm buying books tomorrow. LAME. There are large parts of me that do not want to go back. (and no, that was not a reference to the amount of weight I gained over the I know that it is a means to and end so to speak, but I friggin hate school. I've never breathed those words and had them be so utterly true. I always said "ahh I hate school, blah blah" .but I actually, until now, have always liked school. I enjoy learning new things, and thinking about things and trying to make sense of things. But now, I just feel like I'm beaten down. Things are thrown at me and I'm just grasping at very tall straws (and FYI, I'm short and do not have super human go go gadget arms...). I know I'll finish, I have to, there really is not choice other than finishing this little journey into the seventh circle of hell. I know I'll be charred when I come out the other end, but I'll be there! OY...I wish there was something that brought me to blogger land other than school!

Here is a pained effort at a recap of the last few weeks.

1. Visited Family in AL. Mostly a really good visit. By the time we left, it actually felt like it was time to go home. A rare occurence. But not a bad one, by all means. It was just time to get back to our life out here, our home. That sense of calm felt good. I saw my grandmother while I was out there...and that is an entire post to itself, when I can find the heart...It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
2. I started reading some novels....of a particular nature.the Twilight series...I love it. Can't help it, cant explain it. Dont hate, and dont judge till you've read it. They are freakisly addicting. I will spend some of my day tomorrow and some of my night tonight reading the 3rd one. So far this break I have read 5 books. I start my sixth and final book when I mosy up to bed. Nothing too heady, mostly girly books, but all pretty much worth my time.
3. Saw Bride Wars tonight with my bestie. It was good...good to see a chick flick about best friends with yours..that never hurts!!!
4. Bought a KitchenAid proud. I got a little cash for Christmas, and added it with some Wedding money and bought that bad boy. Its gorgeous. I'll update you on how it turns out! I havent made anything YET..hopefully that will change soon!
5. Turned 24
6. Rocked out some Guitar Hero World Tour
7. Loved me some Wii Fit!! Thanks go Jacobs parents I can now be ridiculed by my gaming console.
8. Gained an inordinate amount of weight...and enjoyed every little bit. There is nothing like a Southern Christmas. Although next year...I'll try to not make it a 2 week eating extravaganza.
9. Spend quality time with the family...Hayden I miss my kiddo when I'm in school.
10. Last but not least..Joined a gym. I'm thinking that will be a weekly post on gym adventures...or far so good. Its not too expensive, I get a student discount, and I actually like the equipment. I plan on going tomorrow...We'll see.........

I hope everyone has enjoyed the last month...I know I have...I'm not ready for hell to start again, but alas, the sooner it begins..the sooner it ends!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Way to Wake Up. EVER.

To the sound of your little one spilling his the toilet. OY. What a night/day it has been! My little/not so little anymore dude was up ALL NIGHT with what seems to have been a 24hour bug. poor little guy. But I tell you...when you're a mom, and you have to take care of a sick kid, you're honestly surprised at how quickly you can jump up, throw on shoes and run to the aid of your very sick little one, and manage to not hurl yourself in the process. I was sincerely impressed by my intestinal/stomach fortitude. I was also pretty impressed with my ability to stay awake. all night. without coffee. SHOCK I know. I seriously didnt get tired till around 8-ish.

Anyway..the little Hay-meister is just fine. He plugged the gueyser around noon. Then knocked out..either from sheer exhaustion or the smell of his rank little butt.

SO that was my blog for the day. I have more to share. I am SLIGHTLY addicted to the Twilight series. I'll be blogging about that soon.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful break, back to the dirty "s" word for me next week and Wednesday for Hayden..(I'm keeping him out tomorrow too just in case)