Thursday, January 29, 2009

Calming a Broken Heart

Only forgiveness can calm a broken heart. You must release the pieces and let them fall to be able to put them back together again, piece by piece. To find each piece one must realize why it fell, and what it means. Once the heart is repaired, the only thing that will calm it, is to forgive the one who broke it. Forgiveness lurks where the heart once sat, and to find it means you now have the ability to put the heart back in its rightful place. It is only then, when you realize that the pain and hurt still exist as if the pieces had just fallen, that it becomes clear that the journey does not end after your heart is mended. It is only when forgiveness is given can you truly live outside the pain that once was.

But forgiveness is an illusive creature. One that is well skilled in the art of diversion. Forgiveness is also beautiful. It brings with it a sense of clarity and peace that is as soothing as a summer breeze or a rain storm in the face of a drought. It cleanses everything it touches, leaving its mark on the heart.

So, I forgive you. I forgive you for all that you have done. I forgive you for all the hurt, pain, confusion that you caused. I forgive you because without it I cannot have my heart back. You have kept it for so long, I'm not sure I realized its absence. I was able to keep parts of it that I needed, but you kept the parts that were only yours for a short time. Now that my heart is complete, I must move on and find a place within me to forgive you. Forgiveness tastes sweet, sweeter the pain ever felt. Because the pain made me remember, and memory is cruel, but sweet. Now that I have forgiven you, I can now rest in a place of serenity. Your place in my life now serves as a reminder that I am a strong, beautiful, caring woman, who has the strength to overcome and forgive. This is truly sweet summer day spent on a porch swing with the ones I love, with a cool breeze kissing my face and sweet tea drowning my thirst.

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K said...

Even though I already discussed this with you...

Impressive entry.

I'm proud of you.