Monday, September 29, 2008

Kristin made me do it :)


I'm not a baseball fan...but what am I doing right now??? Watching the Sox game, getting wayyy to involved. Almost yelled at my TV when I couldn't find it...I had accidentally switched on ESPNCL (why they have an entire channel dedicated to game that ALREADY HAPPENED SO YOU KNOW THE SCORE is beyond me..and the caps stay because it adds much needed emphasis). SO..moral of the story?? GO WHITE SOX!

My Fav. dude...Ozzie..

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekends Used to be More Fun ...

Don't get me wrong, my Saturdays are usually pretty good. This one was especially fantastic. I took the entire day off!! WOO HOO! I'm sure I'll pay for it later, but damn it felt good not to crack a book yesterday! And it was nice to have people over and have one too many margaritas. But I tell you what, I swear weekends used to be a helluva lot more fun. These days my weekends entail: work on Saturday during the day (mostly consisting of reading for the next week/catching up from the last), work all day Sunday. So really, Friday nights and Saturday nights are the only times I actually don't do anything. WOW. That is sad. And people, we aren't talking one weekend a month here, this is every single weekend I am in school. With the occasional weekends like this one...which only happens when the week brings me to tears at some point. This week it was Thursday, and I must say it was ugly. I did, however, make it pretty far through the semester without encountering a world shattering break down. I give myself kudos and a pat on the back for making it this far without pulling my hair out. I don't know about you, but I don't think I would look half as cute as Posh (Victoria Beckham) with a pixie cut! The fact my hair is longer than the length of a fingertip is a direct reflection of the people I'm surrounded by, 1. they keep me sane 2. they would make fun of me for looking like a boy with that hair cut :)

OK. Moving on. School has had enough of my week/weekend conversation. NO MORE!

I am now deciding what I will be for Halloween. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in YEARS. I usually go with Hayden, but I never do so in costume. I remember my parents used to get dressed up with us. My mom had a pretty sweet wicked witch of the west face and all! And my dad went as a cowboy one year I think. So this year some friends of mine are having a grownup Halloween party, my first go round with people my own age on Halloween since I was in High School and we went trick or treating. (lame I know..but you have to give us credit, we stayed sober!but if everything goes well, the same will not be said for this year!) Anyway, I'm stumped!! I know what I'm not going as: a lawyer, or a judge. PERIOD. haha. Now I just need to figure out what I should go as. Sexy anything is a stretch for me. I don't do short skirts...and let's get real here, my ladies need more support than a skimpy top. So. Any ideas?? I can do cute..and would prefer not to do scary/bloody. Just not slutty! haha. If you have any creative ideas/ideas at all PLEASE leave them here! I'm stumped. OH and I'm so down for going as a celebrity couple..because we have to decide what Jacob is going to go as too! But Brad and Angie are NOT happening...I can't stand them...Anyway...lemme know what you think!!!

PICTURE TIME! So much has changed since this picture was taken. This was the night of my graduation party over Spring Break 2007. Jacob asked my dad and my brother if he could marry me that visit :). And soon after we were engaged! I can't remember if I had been accepted to school yet, but I THINK I had, but I'm not sure. So..I was preparing to move out here, with every intention of continuing to heal the relationship with my dad that was going wonderfully over the past 4 years while I was living in Alabama. And now..I'm married, my dad lives in Pennsylvania, and my mom moved back to AL, and Brent is no longer Brent al la "Brent and Cristina". If you had sat me down and told me how much my life would change after this picture was taken, I would have told you that you needed to seek professional help. I miss my family terribly, and I wish I had had more time with my dad before he moved up to PA, but I'm lucky to have the time we did have. And my mom, I miss her more than she'll ever know :) but I know she's in a better place in AL than she was here. She has a great house, and plenty to keep her busy! ANYWAY. Life changes, and there is no way to predict how much it will change or how fast, only later do you figure out how true that saying really is...I can't believe its been this long since then, and at the same time, it feels like yesterday.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Blog or not to Blog :)

That is the question! So instead of watching the wonderful video in Professional Responsibility..I have decided to make a blog entry!!! For some reason I can never get across my humor (aside from my international superstar entry) when I'm blogger-ing from home. So I'll try it here! bwah ha ha. The laughing has begun already!

So Hayden's newest "thing" is beat-boxing. That's right. You heard me. Beat-Boxing. He was at the table the other day just a beat making, then last night when he was going to bed we heard him upstairs brushing his teeth...then he was on it..beat boxing. I swear that kid is so random. I dont know WHERE he gets that from ;). bwah ha ha.

Now for the pathetic story of the day. I am just obnoxiously excited that Greys Anatomy. I literally cannot wait for it to start on Thursday. Do I have the time to watch it? In all reality, no. Am I going to do it anyway? Yes. I am pretty jazzed that the new TV seasons are starting back. (insert gummy bear giving Emily..she is officially my PR hero.) Where was I??? OH..I am jazzed about TV. So when I need a release from my "real life" I watch TV. I just need a break from all the critical thinking I have to do on a day to day basis. So do I watch good shows? Arguably no. I enjoy Lipstick Jungle, Greys, One Tree Hill, I have however broken my addiction to "The Hills" and "Bridezillas". I don't watch much reality TV anymore. It kills me. I get enough bickering during the day between crap at school and my life. I don't need to watch that crap on TV too. That isn't to say what I watch doesn't involve bickering, but having tried to watch Bridezillas the other is just TOO MUCH. Those ladies need to "take a chill pill". ANYWAY. SO, most times...running just doesn't get the job done getting my mind off of school or whatever it is I have to do/think about. So. To sum it up....scripted bickering + ok with me! hills/bridezillas crazy b*&%$ bickering = not ok. Bickering isn't the only reason I cant stand The Hills...its mostly Spencer and Heidi. To be honest.

Speaking of school. I would like to put it out there in the world that I'm going to bust my ass this semester to get good grades. I have done decent on this front so far, but now its time to hunker down and get the job done. So if that means *GASP* missing a few Auburn games (insert cringe here) then so be it. I need to get good grades. I need to get out of this place and get a good job to provide for my family. I don't have the luxury like I did in undergrad to just dick around and get decent grades. WHEW. Now. With that being said, yes I AM blogging during class. But I would like to argue that I am doing so during a VIDEO. Now raise your hand if you've ever been shown a video in law school outside of this class for the entire class period (crickets...BUELLER BUELLER)...thats right NONE OF YOU! I rest my case (steps off soap box)...WTF?? nude pictures...shakes head...this video is RACY! I would hope that none of them has nudie magazine day! YICK! (they are talking about whether or not they should release the pictures or something...the professional responsibility involved and what not..) again..the fact that these geezers are talking about nude pictures...skeeves me out. THE END.

ANYWAY. I think that's all I've got for you today.

PICTURE TIME! This is from last season. I left little messages on my gnome outside my house. This was to display my utter frustration at the lack of a good quarterback for my boys. So..the tradition continues. Our quarterback still sucks. New quarterback, same lack of ability. OH well. War Eagle anyway :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Unexpected Blessings :)

So, some unexpected blessings were given to me today. It felt amazing that people out there know that I really am "on the grind" and busting my ass to raise a good kid, be a good student, and be a good wife. I don't want to go into much detail, but just know that it is much appreciated.

I also had an amazing breakthrough with school today!! yay!! I went to the Health Law Society meeting and really enjoyed myself. I actually got excited about the prospect of figuring out what I want to do when I get out of this hell-hole lovely school!! :)

Thats all I have for you right now...I have a lot more to say..maybe I will blog more tomorrow.

Favorite find of the day P-) the pirate smiley

PICTURE TIME! This is my inspiration to lose these lbs. I gained after the arms and legs look fantastic!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

ah...the familiar smell of...

inadequacy...i had a pang of inadequacy today when i was walking hayden back to the car. now you can say what you want when you read this....but it will never ever fill the hole that has been created in my stomach. sometimes i feel bad for hayden because i can't given him the "finer things" in life. aka..most times i cant even afford to send him to the YMCA soccer because it costs so damn much ($60 to sign up BEFORE i buy cleats, a ball, ect.) i just hate that because i chose the way i chose, he has to suffer. and i know what you're thinking..oh he's not suffering, he's going to grow up and not realize he missed anything...blah blah blah..and while i know that 90% of that is true, when we have another kid, i will have money. i will be able to give that child more of a childhood that hayden got to have. well more full of "stuff" anyway. and that hurts my heart. i love hayden and i want him to have everything he ever dreamed of and i know that in 2 years things will be better, but in the mean time, hayden is going to go through preschool--2nd grade with sub-par activities. sure we take him to the park, and sure we have fun, and sure hayden enjoys being around grownups i swear more than he likes to be around other kids sometimes just never settles my stomach when the old pang of guilt comes back that he wont get to have the childhood he deserves because i had him when i was 16. and don't get me wrong, he's a great kid. and most people realize that. but it still sucks.

ANYWAY...on a MUCH lighter note..i went and ran today!!! 3.38 miles to be exact and my pace was under 10 min. per mile! i'm going to hurt tomorrow but who cares?! it was great. it sucked dont get me wrong...but it felt great afterward. i'll be sore, but in all honesty that will probably be a welcome change from the last few times i've run and i get home and i'm mostly fine. i'm glad i got home and wanted to go straight to bed! but hey i'm here blogging instead! and about to watch one tree hill and read for BA tomorrow and maybe even get some research done for my appellate brief...but who money is on reading...

Topic change #3!! my dad came to town this weekend!!! well him and my stepmom both came. and i swear i push down how much i miss them until they are here. i miss them more than i think they will ever understand. i enjoyed the time i got to spend with them when we all lived here and i wish they hadn't ever moved!

ok..time for school...and a picture....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here: :)

This weekend was such an interesting weekend, filled with ups and downs.

Friday we (me, Jacob, Brent) went to the game release party for Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway, and Samba de Amigo. DJ Jazzy Jeff was was a blast. We danced our hearts out! And it should not go unmentioned that there was free alcohol!! (for VIP!! which we were!!) It really was fun. Brent really had a good time, and came out of his shell a little bit...which was great! He's really doing a lot better.

Saturday was a looooong day, study study study, friends over for dinner, study study study...Then came Sunday.

My eyes literally hurt from reading the day before, I think it must have been my glasses. So needless to say I didn't get much done. I still have my good days and my bad days, and Sunday was a bad day. I stayed in bed all day, followed by a Monday mental health day.

Today was much better. I went to school, and got some work done after, and made a fantastic dinner! Here's to being a good wifey!

So in response to my much needed mental health day, maybe I'll leave some fun comments on here...for when I need another one, or for when my MANY (bwahahaha) readers need one too...So before it's picture's my funny anecdote of the post: Why wont sharks attack attorneys? Professional courtesy!

PICTURE TIME!!!! Here is one of my VERY favorite pictures of me and the husband...he's so cute..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

avoiding school is more fun :)

So...I'm blogging instead of studying. Sounded like a good idea. Even though now I'm not sure what I'm going to say!! There isn't a whole lot going on outside of what I've already said. Brent is going to stay at his house tomorrow, and he's taking me and Jacob to a game release party on Friday! That is going to be a blast, I hope! School is school. My constitutional law professor kills me sometimes. She just blows through really historically important cases like they're nothing. I just don't feel like I'm learning enough.

Gossip at school however does get me through the day sometimes. I swear its just like high school, but some days I wouldn't have it any other way. High School was at least entertaining!

I need to be writing my Thank You notes from the wedding too. I really do want to get them out, but I just really haven't had time. Its awful!! I do appriciate that people thought of us, and I thanked a lot of people personally....I'm just awful with etiquette! haha. (and no worries, i totally misspelled it the first time)

Anyway...I'm thinking of getting my wedding ring and my engagement ring soldered together. Which is hilarious because I made a big stink about wearing just my wedding ring..but now its annoying to look down and my rings are messed up.. :)

ok PICTURE TIME! Lets see......
Go White Sox!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Got 'em! :)


They are beautiful!! I truly enjoyed flipping through them and reliving that absolutely wonderful day :) So that's my big news!

As for the rest of my life...My brother is moving out in a couple of days. I'm glad he feels like he can go, I just hope he's ok. I can honestly say it's weird to have him around without "her". They were a couple for 6 1/2 years. Everywhere he went she went. She became a close friend of mine, but I kinda did always keep her at arms length. I definitely think that people have a sixth sense about people that they feel are genuine and people who aren't. Maybe that's why I never got that close to her, I always thought something just wasn't right, who knows! I'm just glad Brent is moving on. Or at least trying to.

School sucks. The end.

We had a great college football watching party at my place this weekend that turned out GREAT!

Wow, now that school is back "in session" there isn't a hole lot going on in my life. Oh well, I guess sometimes its just better that way.

I'll leave you with one of my newly received wedding pictures: