Friday, June 19, 2009


You thought this post would be about food. Oh my were you wrong!! Kristin (aka, K) just posted (and by just, I mean I just read it, she probably posted it last night) an interesting "list". Its her "list of hot celebs"..oh you know "the list". Everyone has one. If you dont already have one made, you know you've said it. Like...OOOH he's so hot..he is TOTALLY on "my list".

I was inspired. Here is my list...They all come with a "get of of jail free card". (insert dirty joke here about passing go and collecting 200 dollars)

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
He may have been slightly downgraded in the whole larger realm of things considering he's been seen out with Wonky Valtrex (aka Paris Hilton) but..seriously. YES PLEASE. If you dont know about his hotness...Google him. Just do an image search. You'll see the hotness...And he's a soccer superstar. Its the utlimate combination really.

2.Channing Tatum
I think he was on Prison Break? I dont know...all I know is I watch questionable movies and discovered this hottie mchotterson in Step Up. Totally worth the corny ass movie...because he is super duper fine.

3. Daniel Craig
007 ladies. Refer yourself to the title of this post. YUMMY. It needed to be said again. Yes he's a little older. But c'mon. I'll make an exception...

4. Jeffrey Donovan

Another name you may or may not know. He's on a little show called Burn Notice on USA. Jacob loves the show. I love the show too. Jacob likes it for the explosions, spy stuff, and the hot leading lady Fiona. I like it for this hot hunk. LOL. No the show really is good, but if it wasnt this hottie as the leading spy guy, I might not watch. lol. 2 spies, one list. Maybe I have a thing for the internationally wanted??

5. T.I.

So he's my red herring I suppose. He's just amazingly good looking. I know. Interesting pick. There is just something about him. Can't explain it.

There are so many more hotties out there who deserve a "men"-tion lol. But this is my "list". I'm sure I could come up with at LEAST a 10 person list. But K's list was only 5, so alas, mine is only 5. Maybe that's the rule or can only have 5??

Well quickly here are honorable MENtions:
--David Beckham..have you SEEN his underwear ads?? HELLO! (just dont let him talk, his voice is squeaky)
--George Clooney..dont judge. You know he FINE.
--Chris Pine...yumm
--Ryan Reynolds.did you see the cover of Entertainment Weekly??
--Robert Pattinson...but only during Twilight. Not in real life. He must be 100+ years old and a vampire to be sexy in my book apparently. lol

Ok thats, who is on your list???

Friday, June 5, 2009

I tell ya

I think every post lately has started with something along the lines of "wow I'm a terrible blogger!"

Maybe, just maybe its because I AM.

I tell ya, I just dont have it in me much anymore.

I have nothing witty to say!!

So Ill just update you on what has been going on!

--Joined the Twitter world, wanted to tweet to John McCain but totally wimped out
--Reading...I'm plugging through Wicked right now, dont like it...But must finish..up next: something that isnt a commentary on politics, war, leadership, faith, blah blah drivel drivel
--Raising a very precocious pup..he's decided that he forgot about being potty trained...its annoying...
--Workin...every day from 9-2 and 9-3 on Fridays..
--Trying to figure out how to fit something FUN into my summer
--Hayden is going to my Dad's house the 1st of July..until the 12th..its going to be a LONG time, but I would say, much needed for both of us by then :)
--Ill have my first 4th of July sans kiddo...maybe I'll do something fun, go to the lake or something..thats what cool kids do right? go to the lake for 4th of July?? Maybe I should stay home since my "cool kid" quotient is always dwindling!

--Apparently pissing off the cash register....NO SALE NO SALE NO SALE...SORRY I wont press that button the rest of the time I'm here! I PROMISE...sheesh...testy much??

OK...I think that about sums it up..

Picture: the aforementioned he's growing up...i guess i could say that about the both of them!