Wednesday, April 22, 2009


someone made made me think of Em.

Why does the back of my husband's anti dandruff shampoo say "Warning: for external use only"

He tried to explain it....I was to pre-occupied with what the eff internal dandruff would look like/where it would be.

Why do I hate school so much?

Again, husband tried to explain. I was pre-occupied with the fact that I was snotting on my comforter and was in dire need of a tissue..yet he was still just looking at me..WTF?

Why is TV at 1230 at night so much more interesting than my public health paper?

oh yeah thats right....because it isnt so mind-numbingly boring that I would rather poke my eyes out than work on it...thhaatts right!!!

My last one is a how/why/I totally understand now

How is it that your heart expands to bring people/dogs in so easily? Even when you don't know if you could love something as much as your other dog?

Well I totally understand what people are always saying about their kids, but mine is about my pupper dog. I never thought I could love a puppy as much as I love my Bailey-doodles, but I do. And my Bailey-doodles is still my baby girl. Crazy.

Mushy enough? Good. Good thing thats all I got!!

I found a website looking for warning labels..and made one of my own:
and another onewarning label generator

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