Thursday, August 20, 2009

Running ryhmes with AWESOME

Just because you dont see it doesn't mean it isnt true!!

So this whole Team in Training thing is going FAN-tastic! I ran 4 miles today after a fairly frustrating past couple of weeks struggling to get 3 miles in. I'm telling you, this heat does weeeird things!!!

Tonight I'll give you a few of the things that happen to you when you start running. I figured, why make you wait? But since I dont have the time to put them all on here, I'll start you off with just a few! I'm sure I'll be finding more out as my miles increase as well, so dont worry, there is more in store!! (now THAT rhymed!)

1. Your, ahem, "stomach" does NOT like running. Well, mine doesnt. The first few weeks after I dive back in, I'm usually running home to run to the bathroom. Too much information?? LOL Well, its true. I even read an article about it. SO THERE!

2. As if that isnt bad enough. Underwear is not your friend. While it is an important part of the running/living life as a normal human being, it begins to have a love affair with places you dont want it to go. When you're in public. On the most public street you run down. And its awkward.
And you try and do the "I'm not picking my wedgie, but I really am" step, and that doesnt work for a variety of reasons I just cant get into.

3. When you have long toes, like me, you may suffer from the dreaded "black toe". Thats when you bust the blood vessels under your toenail, and then the nail dies because it doesnt have blood flow. So it falls off. And you're left with sheer awesomeness on your foot. Or not, you know, whatever.

4. If you didn't sweat before, WHOA BABY. You'll sweat now. So much so that you'll get little salt crystals on your face. Its nothing short of amazing. However, while it is technically salt, dont cook with it people. Thats just gross. I mean I know it's a recession and all, but that is just taking it TOO FAR. :)

OK that is all I have for now. There is more. I PROMISE.

Hope everyone has been enjoying the end of their summer. I know I am!!

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K said...

Bwahaha this is hilarious. Thanks for the warning about the salt though... I was trying to figure out how to save some money and alllmost thought about taking up running to help with the grocery bills. But since you suggested, I guess I won't cook with it. Sad.