Friday, February 20, 2009

update, update, update!

You might be wondering how I'm doing with the gym. Its going quite well. Last week we went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and had every intention on going over the weekend or Friday, but it just didn't come together. Monday I was exhausted and Jacob needed to get his phone fixed, so this week we went Tuesday, Wednesday, and I went by myself today and K and I are going tomorrow! Wooo hooo!! I'm not sure where I am weight wise. I thought I would have lost more by now, but I'm trying to get motivated regardless. As far as I know I've only lost about a pound, but I've been a lot better about my deit this week, so I'm hoping this week will be kinder on the scale! We'll see!
It's getting easier and easier to convince myself to actually go, so that's good.

Anyway....what else has been going on?? hmmm....not a lot. School basically. I'm not hating it as much this semester. I actually enjoy a couple of my classes. We'll see how I feel once finals come around :).

A little while ago I blogged that we were thinking about getting a new car, and well, we did!! We bought a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. I LOVE IT! Omg. I thought I was going to HATE it. But I sooo dont. I love it so much. Believe it or not, its fun to drive! I thought it was going to be like driving a bus. But its really not. It honestly handles better than my old car, an 02 Altima. We still have the Altima, Jacob is driving her. Thats right, her. Her name is J. Lo, cuz she has a booty. I'm still struggling with what to name my truck. Im honestly still deciding if its a boy or a girl. Jacob and K seem to think its a boy. I'm not convinced. It could be a she. Nobody said big trucks couldnt be girls!! But most likely, yeah, its a boy. Hmmm...I'll keep thinking about it. I was hoping it would just come to me, but it took a couple years to name J.Lo. I'm pretty sure she got her name from me and Sarah. So he doesnt need a name right away. And yes, Jacob thinks its crazy I name my cars. We never named his. I know I'm crazy. Its ok.

Ok..thats it..I dont have much to say, thats pretty much why I havent posted lately.

Last but not least, a picture!!
My little cowboy!! And yes, that is his smile. I dont know what that kid was thinking, but hey, he's 7!

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