Monday, December 29, 2008

Oy Vey

See I said I was going to blog over my vacation. This might be the only one I get to until I'm back in Texas. I've been in Alabama for about 9 days blogs have come to mind. I didnt want to do the "This is what I did for Christmas" blog. That would be like pages and pages. I've been a regular social butterfly. So my question is, why is it that I have a million things to write about when I'm in school and doing the same thing over and over again, but when I'm not in school and doing different things EVERY DAY I can't seem to come up with something clever to blog about? Maybe my brain just doesnt work when I'm not in school. I know some that would argue that is true. I tell you what, I definitely feel the crickets chirping up there. There just arent a lot of bloggable thoughts twirling around my brain these days. I suppose I've resorted to blogging about not being able to blog. I'm sorry if you clicked my link and were under the assumption that there was something interesting to read. No worries. I've officially grounded myself from blogging until I have a vialbe topic. Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday with their family and friends. I know I have enjoyed the heck out of the holidays. But that is for another, as yet to be written or thought of blog. :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Before All the Good Ones are Gone

I decided to write one more blog before I go out of town. I dont know how much blogging I will get to over the Holidays with all of our traveling, so I thought I would figure something out for one more really good one before a string of, what I can only imagine will be big fat duds.

I have been toodle-ing around some other blogs and saw a couple of different things. One was a list of things the person wanted to do/had done already, the other was a wrap up of the year, and finally 100 things someone was grateful for. I also saw over on facebook a list of 21 random things about yourself. SO, I thought of just doing one big fat post will all of them...sounded kinda long and boring to me, instead I have decided to mix and match them all together and make my own!

In the words of one of my favorite housewives on TV "Hold on to your daddies girls!" lol.
Here goes nothing.

This is a list of things that I have done, that I'm grateful for, or that I have discovered are random about myself all in the last year.
In No particular order, and for no rhyme or goes nothing

1. Got Married (July 27)
2. Had my first married Thanksgiving, about to have my first married Christmas and Birthday...look ma! I'm growing up!
3. I'm grateful for some awesome new friends...they make school all the more tolerable
4. I recently discovered that I have an "inner gay man"..I now refer you to a previous'll have to find it as I am being extremely lazy at the moment, and do not wish to find the link for you. happy hunting.
5. I got my first credit card..not something I'm particularly proud of, but hey...I needed it
6. Something totally random about me that I recently re-discovered...all the magazines in the bathroom must be turned "face" down. I cannot handle it if I look down and someone is glaring at me from the cover of US weekly...
7. I am grateful for central heating and air. Although I do not have it at the moment, when I do get it again, I will love it more than anyone has ever loved a thermostat. I kid you not.
8. I am grateful for my new sister. She's pretty awesome. Who knew you could have a sister from another set of parents, that is only a couple months older than you? Funny how that worked out huh K?
9. I got a new name. My step mom isnt crazy about me dropping my maiden name altogether, but I quite like my new name, and I figure that my parents gave me a middle name for a reason...even though I might not love it all the time "Jean"
10. Random fact: my car has a name. It's J. Lo because she has a big ole booty. When my bff Sarah took me to my car in college, we could always see where I parked because the butt end of my car was always sticking out, not from bad parking...from bad design I say
11. I discovered more this year that I love to cook, and I'm pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself!
12. Sometimes I can't stand movies on TV. There are important parts they cut out! But I do love me some lifetime movies. Especially the "I was a battered wife and now I'm starting over and falling in love with this new hot dude but he is questionable and so am I" ones. heck lets be honest, I can be distracted by most any Lifetime movie.
13. I aslo found out that it is not always awesome to be better than your husband at things.
exhibit A: our Christmas tree didn't get put up until the very end of finals because my husband told me that I put it up better than he does. I would like to argue that if you've never done something, there is no way to know if someone else is better at it than you.
exhibit B: I am waay better at household chores, unfortunately that means that during finals certain ones don't get done. Or, and sometimes more importantly, they dont get done well.
exhibit C: I totally watch TV better than my husband. Or maybe I just watch better TV...who knows, either way..I'm wayy better at it, he kinda sucks. Stupid History channel.
14. I started training for the half marathon in Feb., and I'm still not so sure I'm going to be able to run the whole thing. I like to sleep, watch TV, know..anything other than running more than 6 miles...we'll see. wish me luck.

and finally, I'll end with something I want to do next year...
15. Get a real job. Maybe not something that pays, but something I can write on my resume. Believe it or not...that whole "Job" part of my resume is completely blank. Unless you can include a way awesome-er list of jobs that I do on a somewhat daily basis: I am fantastic at washing my hair, I study more than an ape on crack trying to learn sign language, I am a good toe painter, I wash clothes like a much that I could almost consider it a hobby if it didnt suck so much, I am able to keep up with a 7 year olds train of thought and on some occasions I know what he's going to think before he does, and last but not least I'm totally awesome in general. :)

OK. I hope everyone has a totally aweometasticly wonderfulistic beautifulishous holiday season.

Merry Christmas Ya'll.

Since its the end of the year, I'll leave you with some pictures of the happiest day of my life :)

My Bouquet, It was beautiful

The Church...didnt need much, it was gorgeous on its own:

Best MOH, ever.

Walkin down with my Daddy..I dunno if you can tell in this picture, but we look A LOT alike

Dancing always makes you feel better..even if you look like an idiot

Jacob, Garrett, and Hayden...handsome dudes

My two favorite guys...being themselves.

Thats it! Hope you stuck around for all of it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 days

Until Christmas. Seriously. Would you like to know how much shopping I've done? Next to none. I bought my Mom's on Black Friday. That is IT. We took care of Jacob's Mom this past weekend, but that did nothing for my own list. (not that she's not on my list...Jacob and I split up who is buying I still have like 5 people to buy for, including Hayden!) Oy. Not to mention I mosly have no CLUE what to buy for my little dude. He has everything his little heart could desire. I'm sure I'll think of something! And now I know how my parents felt with my birthday being so close to Christmas. With him having a November's hard to figure out what he still needs/wants for Christmas a month later!

In other not so related news...the weather here was so bad yesterday! And while I am usually the one who just snuggles up and stays indoors, I had to get out in the crappy weather pretty much all day. I took Kristin to the airport in the morning (it took like 2 hours, I'm not kidding). Booooo, she's gone for 3 weeks. What am I going to do with myself? I have no clue. After I dropped her off, I headed to Arlington/Grand Prarie to get my hair done. (picture to follow) Back to the driving. I SEROIUSLY almost shadoobied in my pants. I have never never ever ever driven in "icy conditions". In the 4 years I lived in AL, it never iced. And when I was living here in TX I was too young to have to drive, or it just wasnt bad enough to care about. But yesterday was a totally different story. I drove, in the ice. It. was. nerveracking. I would normally call myself a pretty safe driver, I try to be as cautious as I turn I have been labeled a granny driver. But I take it as a compliment, most days. I'm not a big speeder, but I dont drive UNDER the speedlimit. ok.....Moving on.

Ok Ya'll I'm sorry I have nothing fun to talk about. I'll leave you with my latest hair do. And a promise for a funny blog the next time I pick up my computer. I have a list...just got to want to write them~

Sorry my face is so large...I can't help it. In all the other pictures I looked either petrified or just scary. lol. I'll try and take some pictures while I'm out of town. But dont worry. I'll still be blogging Im sure!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ode to CockTailLand

Last night was the most fun I've had in months. Good friends, good food, good booze and good gab, it really doesnt get any better than that! Emily and Nick were such good hosts. Nick is by far the best nursetender barnurse bar-practitioner I've ever met. Seriously, the best mixed beverage. Just dont ask me what was in it. Couldnt remember even if I wanted to, because I do want to, but I do remember that it had to do with shipping the mixer in from Disney WorldLand. Anyway, it was a fantastic way to end a less than fantastic semester, and it MUST be done again! Either in Fort Worth or back in CockTailLand!

As for the rest of my weekend: it was pretty good too. Went to Sam Moon on Saturday, and aside from being a cluster eff of people, it was good. Got Jacob's mom's Christmas presents. But I will say that there are some interesting folk who travel to the Sam Moon on a Saturday afternoon. The crowd ranged from middle aged women trying desperately to fit in with their daughter's friends (questionable outfit..lemme tell you) to the not so figure flattering extremely tight clothes, leggingings included. ew. I'll just say ew. Most of Saturday was spent shopping. Did I get anything for myself? why yes, a pair of sunglasses. Thats it! I was proud. I definitely spotted things that I wanted. Everywhere we went things were jumping off the rack asking me to buy them. Everwhere that is except the Gap. I could not for the life of me find a frigging $25 sweater. See they were having a "every sweater is $25" sale. Well it should have been "every ugly sweater we have is on sale, so buy it, cuz if you dont we wont sell any new ones that you might ever like" sale. I know the name is a big long, I suppose that is why they went with the abriged version. I digress...

Sunday (today) I cleaned ( house was a mess) then we went to the nature center for a little site seeing. Something to enjoy this wonderful weather we're having! I hear we should enjoy it because it isnt going to last. Cold front tomorrow, freezing rain on Tuesday. BOO!

I think that about sums it up! Other than a little video gaming, that is how my weekend went. Aside from a small panic attack when I woke up thinking I had all this work to do for school. Boo. That sucked.

Here is to a fantastic rest of the Christmas Break!

This is K and myself in front of ancient indian scripture. or....grafitti..either way...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Tunes

Instead of studying for my very last final of the semester, I decided to blog. Smart I know! Gotta keep my readers satisfied! lol. And I need a distraction from the ever looming Thursday Final Exam. BOOOOO. But on the other hand, I will be DONE until January 12! A whole month! Well deserved I say!

What am I listening to these days you ask? Nothing really, other than the usual Christmas tunes and whatever is on the radio when I run to pick Hayden up from school. But, in the interest of trying to keep up with the theme of the Tuesday (supposed to be Monday) post, I'll blog about what music I'm excited to listen to once this beast called finals gets of my back.

Theme of todays music selection: what I will be listening to on my looooooong road trip over christmas break, I-20 here we come!

1. Britney's new CD. Dorky, maybe. But I really dont care. I love her and I'm looking forward to her entertaining me on my longggggg car ride/drive to Alabama next week!

2. Taylor Swift's new CD. Ok again, remember the long car ride referred to in the previous number? yeah. And I have enjoyed "Love Story" its cute, upbeat and hopefully will not lull me to sleep whilst behind the wheel.

3. My questionable Diva Music--it will all be loaded up on my Ipod. And I can't wait. I will also be putting my Reception playlist back on the ole Ipod..
(you dont get a picture for this "divas" and you'll see why..seriously..)

Seriously, have you ever be stuck in a car for 13 hours? OMG BORING. But on the upside, I will be spending a lot of time in the car alone. Why is this so appealing you ask? Because I can listen to the aforementioned music without husband, brother, or kid asking me to a. turn it down, b. turn it off, c. get better taste in music!

Husband also downloaded all 4 Twilight audiobooks. Im pretty excited about that too. I have no clue what its all about, just a vague idea, but they are about 11 hours. So I'll get through a book on the way out and a little more than a book on the way back. So thats 2 books! I'm going to make a trip to half price books and see if they have any of them (crosses fingers) so in the meantime I can read the ones I dont get to listen to. Speaking of half price books...I'm also going to be heading over there to load up on books to read over the break! So if you have any suggestions of books I just have to read, lemme know. (and E, if the comments still aren't working lemme know...maybe I'll yell at someone important as my next clever way to avoid studying!)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Boy

UPDATE: I looked at my Feedjit...I have a hit from Wasilla Alaska. Please tell me it's a Palin. Please!!! If you visit again Alaska, leave a comment, lemme know who ya are! Too friggin cool ya'll!

Commercial on TV: You need a vacation...from cruise .com. DUDE My TV is creeping me out! How did it know!?

Finals have been brutal. But I must say, better than last year this time. I have 2 open book tests..sweet sweet deal I tell you. AND only 1 exam that I had to write an essay (which was the death of me, we'll get to that in juuust a minute). Lets just say that after Friday, the pressure was off. I've spent the last few days workin on my mental health. This includes, but is not limited to, sleep. I cannot tell you how precious sleep is in this current state of stress. haha I can't "stress" it enough! lol. If I don't get enough sleep, or enough good sleep, I'm no good to anyone. Not even myself.

So...Thursday, 5p.m., I'm bawling. Friday 1 a.m. I'm STILL bawling. It was rough. Very Very rough. I cant even begin to explain what that kind of stress/lack of sleep can do to you, but its not pretty. I am so thankful that I have a mom who totally understands me and knows when I need coddleing and when to just tell me to shut it, I'm not dropping out, period. And a husband who will do the same. And a best friend for that matter. She said she'd disown me if I did. Needless to say, I'm still enrolled. Not happy about it, but enrolled. Barring another all out nervous breakdown, I'll get to graduation "aka" the hooding ceremony (so freakin sweet, almost worth it just to say I got hooded at graduation....does that mean I get to wear baggy pants and call all my friends shorty? lol..soooo wrong). For the simple fact that if I dont finish, I'll disown myself. This is something I've wanted to do since I was knee high to a grasshopper. (thanks for that saying babe). So, I'll finsih. Mostly for the wanting to, but also because if I dont, there will be a long line of Hollons, Whites, Grzymeks, Griswolds, Tacketts, Duggans, Buntes...and the list continues....that will be ready and willing to kick my butt!!!


On to better news. I'm seriously looking forward to being done with finals so I can bake. Paula Deen had a show on last night that was about a cookie swap and she had so many good recipes on there I just HAVE to try and make. There is one I'm going to tweak...I can't wait to see how it turns out!! And Ms. Deen was on this morning making a Apple Cinnamon Cheesecake with Strusel topping..OMG it looked TO DIE FOR! So that will be getting made. (and em, lemme know if you want me to bring any of this yummy goodness to Cocktail Land. I'm so down.)

I also was able to assemble our Christmas tree, it has no lights nor a significant amount of decorations. Our "The Whites" ornament that I bought on Black Friday made it and the tree topper made it. Thats it. I suppose we will tackle that either later today or tomorrow. Who knows? I did get the rest of the decorations out. The tree is all thats left. But don't be too impressed. I just started collecting Christmas decorations, so there isn't very much that had to be put out!

OK well I guess I need to get back to my studies. Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful holiday season, and by that I mean the holiday season is the only thing getting me through these finals, so it better be wonderful. I am oblivious to the fact that it might not be.

Here is a picture of our wonderful ornament. Then a picture of the kiddo. He's a goob.