Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its Garage Sale Time!

I've made an official decision.

I'm going to have a garage sale to benefit Team in Training!!

Please Please Please let me know if you have ANYTHING you would be willing to donate! I'll need A-LOT. The timing of the event will depend on when you guys can get back to me!

In the past, I've had plenty of Garage Sales. The things that seem to go the fastest and bring in the most money are:
  • furniture
  • kids toys
  • baby stuff
  • electronics
Clothes, trinkets, books, ect allllll sell, you just usually have to price them low, so they aren't bigger ticket items.

If you have absolutely ANYTHING, clothes, books, anything you don't want and want to get rid of, just let me know. I'll even come to you and get it! Ask your friends, just let them know its all for charity, I wont be keeping ONE RED CENT for myself! 100% goes to Team in Training, and thus the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!!

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