Monday, July 27, 2009

One Year

I still can't believe its been a year.

Its been a pretty good year, nothing too terribly fascinating has happened, as you can see from my blogging. I'm looking forward to the next 50+ years with my super goofy, handsome, silly, funny, amazing husband. He keeps me on my toes, thats for sure!

So tonight was similar to the last year, kinda uneventful. We went for a run, and I made dinner. Chicken Parmesan, these bread thingies that I know there is a name for but I cant remember what it is, and cookies (peanut butter blossoms aka peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the middle). We did the traditional eating of the cake, it was disgusting. But I'm glad we did it. I'm not always all about tradition, but having it tonight was nice.

Here is to another anniversary, and many many more to come!!!

I love you Jacob!!

Its me again

You know that pesky blogger who says they are going to post things but never does?? Yeah, thats me. I'm guilty, what can I say?

Ive been doing OK on the running front. I've lost about 5 pounds and am running 4.5 miles pretty consistently. Its been easier the last couple of weeks since it has decided to cool off some with the rain. The runs are still tough but I'm getting through it. Jacob bought me a stopwatch so I can time myself and I'm running between a 9:10-9:30 mile. Not bad considering the last time I was running consistently it was never that low!

We missed the kickoff this past Friday for the Team in Training, and have yet to find out who to get in touch with to get our packets and what not. I'm sure someone will call this week though. I hope they do anyway!!

Ok...thats my running post for the day...I'll update more about that later in the its time to work on the all important post of the day!!! its 7/27/2009...if you know me you know what that means!!! I'll have a post about it for you later!! I gotta write it pesky these blogs!!

Oh and I'm going to take some pictures soon too...Of the running just's going to be awesome. lol...i kid i kid...kinda...

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm feeling HOT HOT HOT

Man it was a hot one last night. (that's what sh....oh..well..I'll keep that in check for now)

I ran 4.5 miles last was SUPER hot!!. I didn't go until almost 7, but it was still nearly 100 degrees when we left the house. (I'm just guessing, but was stinkin hot).

It was definitely a hard won 4.5 miles, but it was good getting out and getting it done.

Having the motivation of the marathon and Team in Training is certainly helping. Just thinking about people who are out there suffering and can't get up and do normal things, helps me through when it gets rough. Its a choice I'm making to better myself and raise awareness and money,they didn't choose to get sick. Its a huge motivator when you just want to quit. I had one of the best runs in quite some time the night we joined. Just knowing that I am getting involved in something so great was a real boost to the run that night. The heat is not cooperating at the moment, but I'm sure it will get better with time. It has to cool off at some point right??

I did get a "fuel belt" (an awesome/not so awesome looking belt that has water bottles attached to it) has been helpful when it gets hot...I look a damn fool...but its all for the greater good right??? right????

Ok I'm outta here....Just thought I'd follow up on my progress thus far...I'll keep ya time I'll even throw in stuff that doesnt involve running! Promise!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Glad I got your attention!

Some of you may know already, but my Mom was diagnosed with leukemia in April of last year. She has CML. Its very treatable with medicines and she is almost in remission, but she will need to remain on her meds for the rest of her life. She is currently not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant, if some of the variables get better and some get worse, her doctor will begin exploring that as a possibility. Right now she is doing well, so we are just taking it one doctors visit at a time!

The reason I'm finally tell you this is because I joined Team in Training. I will be raising money to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while I train for a marathon. I will be running the full White Rock Marathon in December.

If you want to know more about my mom's Leukemia, more about why I'm running or want to help me rais some money..check out my Team in Training website.

I'll be updating on here my progress as far as training goes and fundraising. Hopefully I'll have a good strategy soon and can let you in on the greatness!! Until then, please spread the word!!