Friday, June 5, 2009

I tell ya

I think every post lately has started with something along the lines of "wow I'm a terrible blogger!"

Maybe, just maybe its because I AM.

I tell ya, I just dont have it in me much anymore.

I have nothing witty to say!!

So Ill just update you on what has been going on!

--Joined the Twitter world, wanted to tweet to John McCain but totally wimped out
--Reading...I'm plugging through Wicked right now, dont like it...But must finish..up next: something that isnt a commentary on politics, war, leadership, faith, blah blah drivel drivel
--Raising a very precocious pup..he's decided that he forgot about being potty trained...its annoying...
--Workin...every day from 9-2 and 9-3 on Fridays..
--Trying to figure out how to fit something FUN into my summer
--Hayden is going to my Dad's house the 1st of July..until the 12th..its going to be a LONG time, but I would say, much needed for both of us by then :)
--Ill have my first 4th of July sans kiddo...maybe I'll do something fun, go to the lake or something..thats what cool kids do right? go to the lake for 4th of July?? Maybe I should stay home since my "cool kid" quotient is always dwindling!

--Apparently pissing off the cash register....NO SALE NO SALE NO SALE...SORRY I wont press that button the rest of the time I'm here! I PROMISE...sheesh...testy much??

OK...I think that about sums it up..

Picture: the aforementioned he's growing up...i guess i could say that about the both of them!

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