Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet Beau

This is Beauregard. Beau for short.

Where did Beau come from? A super sketchy mall pet store. So I consider him a rescue. I'm crossing my fingers he's okay, and yes, I do understand that he might not be. I'm just in denial.

I'm super nervous about being a new puppy-mommy. I worry about him being in his kennel while I'm at school. He HATES being away from us. Hates. I feel sorry for my neighbors. :(

Anyway..he is super super sweet..and loving. He's a mama's boy. I wouldn't have it any other way really.

Bailey is taking to him as best as can be expected. She doesnt looove the idea of having a little brother, but she doesn't hate it either. She did better today than she did yesterday. She actually played with him a bit.

Ok...thats my boy!! I'm sure this isnt his first appearance around here :)

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Ashley said...

Oh, he is a cutie!!