Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh neglected one

what if the pen companies had to put disclaimers on their packaging about their ink permanently staining your skin (i'm just never know..those doodles from 8th grade could have been FOREVER)?

would they then have public service announcements because they know how much kids LOOOVE to write on their hand??

what would they say??

--This is Jenny..One sunny Monday, a day beautiful day in Fargo, North Dakota, Jenny decided she would say yes to Brad. She became his very first girlfriend, and he became her very first boyfriend. All was well, and Jenny wrote on her hand, like a lot of misguided girls her age do. She wrote I Love Brad. Then that Friday, Brad broke up with her. Now Jenny is stuck with her faded love story on her hand. Dont be like Jenny.


--This is Polly. She wanted to play the Pen 15 game. So she wrote Pen15 on her hand. Now she will go through life with penis written on her hand. Dont be like Polly.

Be safe..and dont write on your hands kids. Or you could end up like Jenny and Polly. Scarred for LIFE.

Be right, Dont Write!!


sorry...i'm a little delusional

because in reailty...those are just tattoos right??

but funnier because they are done with an ink pen...slash it was hilarious in my head...

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K said...

It's official. You've lost it. At least your delusion provides reading entertainment for your blog readers.
And for that, I thank you.