Monday, January 5, 2009

Best Way to Wake Up. EVER.

To the sound of your little one spilling his the toilet. OY. What a night/day it has been! My little/not so little anymore dude was up ALL NIGHT with what seems to have been a 24hour bug. poor little guy. But I tell you...when you're a mom, and you have to take care of a sick kid, you're honestly surprised at how quickly you can jump up, throw on shoes and run to the aid of your very sick little one, and manage to not hurl yourself in the process. I was sincerely impressed by my intestinal/stomach fortitude. I was also pretty impressed with my ability to stay awake. all night. without coffee. SHOCK I know. I seriously didnt get tired till around 8-ish.

Anyway..the little Hay-meister is just fine. He plugged the gueyser around noon. Then knocked out..either from sheer exhaustion or the smell of his rank little butt.

SO that was my blog for the day. I have more to share. I am SLIGHTLY addicted to the Twilight series. I'll be blogging about that soon.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful break, back to the dirty "s" word for me next week and Wednesday for Hayden..(I'm keeping him out tomorrow too just in case)

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