Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shock. This blog might ACTUALLY make sense!

That must mean finals are over!! WOO HOOO!!

What's been going on around these parts then?? hmm..

I STARTED MY FIRST JOB EVER! Another shocker, I know. You might wonder why at 24 I'm just now becoming a member of the work force. Well his name is Hayden and he's 7. I've spent the last few years being a student and a mom. No time for work. But now that it's summer for me, I got a job. My dad was pressuring me to do it, and I said what the heck, I realize it really IS in my best interest to have SOMETHING on my resume when I graduate other than just school. So for the next year and a half (hopefully) I'll be working at the law school bookstore. It's a great setup. I get money off books, clothes, and food!! WOOT! It just doesn't much better than that for a law student! Most "law" jobs don't pay. And, well, when you have a kid and can't take him where you're going, it helps to get paid to send him to day care. (another shocker. I'm just full of them today huh? lol) My dad just didn't seem to understand that A. Law jobs don't pay and B. I dont want to take any more of his money than I have to. Oh well.

So I have a job!! Woot. 8.50 an hour. 9-2 M-Th then 9-3 on Friday. Weekends are FREE! YAY!

Ok so what else?? My Hayden-man did AWESOME on his last report card!! That was a sweet bonus.

My pup keeps growing and growing. I'll take some pictures here soon, hopefully you'll be able to tell how BIG he's gotten!

I did a major clean of my downstairs and am SUPER satisfied with how it turned out. Even though its getting a little messy again...it will only take about 15 min. tops to get it back in shape! YAY. I'm currently writing this blog to avoid doing the same upstairs. It needs it. Bad. I live upstairs either at the desk or sitting in the bed during finals. (Well I did this year for half of it, the other half was spend downstairs on the super comfy couch. I got tired of looking at this room since I stayed in it to write the paper too...LAME) I need to clean out closets, dust, sweep, mop, the whole nine. I JUST DONT WANNA! I figure I'll get some of it done. I'm conserving precious energy for my run later.

Speaking of which, I'm back on the running bandwagon. I dont know how much I will end up talkin about it here, but I am trying to train for the marathon in December. I promised myself a long time ago that I would run a marathon by the time I turn 25. And, well, that is December 22! So HOPEFULLY I'll get my act together and get on it!! It will be H.O.T. this summer, but it will do me some good.

I dunno what else. I'm not feeling super witty right this moment. I just thought that if I want people to continue to read this ole blog of mine, I might as well WRITE something! s


A picture to send you off!

A picture of my Mother's Day present from the kiddo. Super random, but super cute because I know for a fact he picked it out :)
I said "Thanks Hayden!! What made you think I would want a rabbit?" and he said "Because you like rabbits" and I said "YEP! You're right! I sure do! How come you picked this one?" "Because I knew you would put it by the front door"........all occurring AFTER I put it out on the front porch. By the front door. LOL. The kid knows his mama!

and no. I dont collect rabbits. Well I do now. But only ONE. (and my dolly i had when i was a kid...her name was rosey--she was a rabbit...with roses all over her...hence the name..i was SO creative i know)

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