Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Technology Intervention

This is directed towards one person. One person who I know reads my blog. I know this because this one person commented on one of my more recent blog posts.

This person's name starts with an "E". It rhymes with "Schmemily".

I need this person to become a little LESS technology challenged.


Well there are 2 reasons. Both of which are purely selfish.

1. I think it would be AWESOME to see said person's newest addition (hint: it's definitely NOT a dog) without fear of bringing in some gnarly sickness from the outside world because wedontliveinabubble


2. When I have my own new addition (hint: again, not a dog) which will most likely take place in a different state seeing as I'm not currently carrying said new addition, I would like to be able to chit chat with my own new additions law school auntie.

Now what could this mysterious "Schmemily" do to become less technology challenged??

I decided (and K too..she really shouldn't be left out...she even said it was GENIUS...or something...maybe not "genius"...but something equally as amazing) that Emily "Schmemily" needs to have a webcam and also needs to become a member of "Skype".

This way I can not only TALK to "Schmemily" and "Schmeli" and "Schmnick" (ok..that one didn't work so well..)..I can SEE them too!!! And they could see me!!! (and said new addition that I'm not currently carrying, but will be in the distant/near-ish future)

I think its a wonderful idea.

What do you think "Schmemily"?