Monday, September 14, 2009

I so sorry

Sorry guys!! I've been SLACKING!

Well....what's been going on with Team in Training?? HMMMMMMMM

Had an AWESOME fundraiser and raised $1,300!!!!!

I tell ya, I wasnt sure it would be that good, but it was!

So as far as raising money, the re-commitment monkey is off my back! I'm still not done, so please dont think that you don't need to donate! If you feel like you should, PLEASE DO! I've still got plenty of money left to raise and it sure isnt going to raise itself!!
The garage sale date has been set as well: September 26th. Ive got a lot of stuff people are giving me, but I still need more! So if giving stuff suits you better than giving money, please do that as well!

On the running front--I never thought running 6 miles would ever be this easy. Not that its easy, by any means, but its doable. Im not dying the next day. I'm barely even sore. The only reason I'm sore today I think is because I ran a little faster than normal, mostly because it felt AWESOME outside! I went and splurged (if you consider $45 a splurge) on some running tights (the capri, not the full tight) and ran in them yesterday. They were AMAZING! Im not tugging at my shorts constantly to make sure they are long enough, I dont think I'll ever be the girl who wears shorty shorts! I talked myself into the tights I've been oogling this weekend because of the rain. It just made sense to run in tights and not shorts.

Now this weather. I'm telling you. If it stays this way for another couple weeks, I will NOT complain! Maybe not the rain, since that is all nasty and what not, and we have gotten A LOT of it in the last couple of days. But the temperature, I'll take it! I'm thinking we're hanging out below average right now, and that is A-OK with me! I'm not sure anyone is complaining!!

What else??
She is 8 weeks old, a full blood black lab. Her name is Nova! Nova dear is such a spit fire! Hell on wheels to be specific! My brother is definitely going to have his hands full with her! I'll get pictures on here as soon as they are on my computer !

I think that is it for now..I just wanted to give a short little update!

Stay tuned for another installment of "what they dont tell you when you start training for an endurance event". I promise, I'll get some good material :)


Emily said...

I can't wait for your garage sale...since I couldn't be at the fundraiser (stupid class), i am totally going to make up for it at your garage sale. When do you want to come get all the stuff? there are 2 desks, a dresser, desk chairs, and is always a big seller!

amy (metz) walker said...

That's great that ya'll raised that money! Congrats!

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog...glad you did!