Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bye Bye Blogspot

Ok ya'll...I'm moving to a new site....I'm trying wordpress and I'm retiring the Law Student blog!

I felt like it was time. I'm not a law student any more!!! So come see me over at:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

D-Day is Approaching

It's almost the big day. THE day. THE DAY. THE DAY I TAKE THE BAR EXAM. I never thought it'd get here. But it has, and it's almost over, and I couldn't be more thankful.

SO. You may be wondering what I've been up to lately. Well, going along with the recent theme, I'll update you in numbers.

1. I've been studying every day for the last couple of months. Yes, I take a day off here and there, but it's not like I'm not running it through my head over and over when I do. I think the last real break I took was almost a month ago when Jacob was here for the 4th of July weekend. Which brings me to number 2.
2. Jacob and I haven't lived in the same house let alone the same state for over a month. Since around the 20th of June. He left to go back to Texas and work until he got a job out here with the company he works for now. We honestly thought it wouldn't take this long, since he worked there before we moved to Texas. But, thanks to a crappy economy and a hiring freeze, here we are.
3. Friday, however, he DID finally get an offer! It was an informal offer but they should have a formal one ready for him this coming week!! We really don't know what it means other than he has a job. We don't know time frames, shifts or any of the other details. I'm just glad that part is over.
4. Mackenzie is growing just famously. She loves it when I eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I'm convinced she is either going to be a soccer player or a kick boxer.
5. I've learned a lot over the last month too. Not just law either. I've learned a lot about myself and about those I have around me. It has been difficult to move to another state by myself essentially. H came with me, but he's been in and out, visiting my mom and going back to Texas for a week. I have learned how to get myself through some very difficult times, and I've learned when its OK to reach out and need someone to talk to. Sometimes a simple text message from a friend can really make a difference. I've unfortunately felt a lot of loss too. Loss of friends, loss of space, loss of free time, loss of home. It hasn't been as easy of a transition as I had hoped and I have certainly been surprised at times at just how much my life has changed. I'm not sure I would have believed you if you told me it would shake out like this, that's for sure. I've been sad, I've been hurt, I've been lonely, but I've also felt a stronger sense of independence. I thought I'd never get through this whole experience without Jacob and without some of my law school buddies. But, as time as passed and everyone has gone their own way, I've discovered that I'm much more self sufficient than I gave myself credit for. And, I'm pretty sure I have the best family (mine and my in-laws) for putting up with me and my many mood swings.

As this all winds down and the bar exam moves on to the next crop of students who dare to enter its depths, I'm thankful that my time with the material is almost over. I'm hopeful that I'll pass the first time, and I'm confident that I'll at least finish ;). I am anxious to see what the next few months brings for me and for my family. There are a few things I know (baby, Jacob, school for H) and there are so many things I dont, but I'm ready to put this chapter down and turn the page to the next one.

Until next time!! Which hopefully won't be to introduce you to Mackenzie, hopefully I'll get around to this blog-thing before then!

Me and the AH-mazing ladies who took time out of their already hectic lives to plan a fabulous baby shower for me before I moved!! They are truly a blessing!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Valid Attempt

So here is my valid attempt at updating you on my life right now as I know it

1. My house looks like it has been hit by a tornado, including but not limited to: boxes, dishes, laundry, mail, misc. baby items
2. I have a paranoid dog. He seriously FREAKS OUT every time we start packing. Full on doggie break down. Pacing, leaning, chewing (on himself) name it...he does it
3. Baby started kicking!! Miss Mackenzie has made her presence QUITE noticeable over the past few days. Today she was doing the Rumba all morning...OR (and I like this option much better) she was getting ready for her debut in the Women's World Cup
4. I'm increasingly sad/absolutely petrified about this move...I realize its the right thing to do, but's 3 states away.
5. Bar prep is slowly becoming one of the most hated things I have ever done in my entire life. Ever. Scratch that...QUICKLY becoming....if not already there
6. The only thing that is getting me through is the promise that we will be able to buy our first home sometime in the near future if I can stick to it....
7. My T-Shirts are becoming increasingly too small in the front...
8. I know that I have gained a tremendous amount of weight thus far (or at least it feels like that)..which I will attribute to extensive periods of time in front of the computer or sitting at the desk doing bar-prep related things...
9. I can't wait to start running again...I seriously need some me-time
10. I'm ....well....I'm exhausted.

So hows that???
mmmm cake

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Glimpse into My Brain--Katelin Style

So...Jen inspired this post a little bit. Well..when I sat down to actually write it..I thought of her, so I decided she deserved a shout out!! SHOUT OUT JEN!

Ok. Deep Breath. Here goes:

There are some really terrible things happening right now in my family. Basically one thing really. It's a big thing, but in the interest of some privacy, just know that its really sad.

What you really need to know is that really sad things usually happen around this time of year. And December. That's right! DING DING DING during finals.

Case and point:
It was this time of year (as in finals time) that my mom told me about her Leukemia.
Last year this time I was either driving from or Jacob was driving to Vicksburg to get Hayden to and from Jacobs parents after they shut the schools down here for Swine Flu.

There's more (I'm sure) that has happened either during finals or during my most stressful semesters. And this one is no different.

So I told K that I was just going into hiding before the Bar Exam. And she basically said, sure, just as long as you tell me where you are so you can talk me of the edge on July 25th. I said sure. But only under a few very specific conditions.

They read as follows.

Only if you promise not to

1. Drive
2. Fly
3. Walk down more than 1 flight of stairs
4. Stand outside when its raining
5. Join a gang
6. Decide to pursue your life long dream of living on the streets and begging for change
7. Go near a pit-bull (dude...those things are scary)
8. Eat sushi (or that weird sea urchin that if it's not cooked long enough will kill you)
9. Be in the same vicinity as Spencer Pratt---with or without his crystals...cuz dude. he's lost it.
10. Take any form of public transportation other than Pete...and then please, wear a seatbelt.

Oh and you have to promise to
1. Always wear a bullet proof vest (made of kevlar..not Fiddy Cent non-stick vests are acceptable)
2. Install extra air bags in your car
3. Walk around with pillows strapped to all of your extremities (over the bullet-proof vest of course..)
4. Build a bunker for yourself, your parents, Devin, his parents...annnd Emily, Nick, Eli, Carla, Matt, Jen, and anyone else I've left out...oh and their animals)
5. Maybe take up a self defense class?? Although that might be hard to do with the vest and pillows....
6. Maybe you should just invest in a bullet proof car...those exist..when you're buying your vest you should look into that
7. Get a top to bottom physical...maybe an MRI, an upper GI a lower GI a colonoscopy a mammogram a pregnancy test a blood test a diabetes test an ultrasound on all major know THE WORKS
8. Eat only foods you grew yourself...I mean..contaminants are EVERYWHERE
9. Throw out all prescription and over the counter drugs...
10. Go to rehab --I'm not sure why...It just seems like the safe thing to do

HAHAH. Like my list?

I'm clearly cracking up...but not as much as Spencer. I don't need my crystals...just chocolate..and a nice cold beer would be nice...AHH October...You can't get here fast enough.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm soooo out to lunch

I'm suffering from a severe case of the "out to lunch" syndrome.

What is that you ask?

Its when your brain goes on COMPLETE vacation and you continually make an ass out of yourself.

Exhibit A:
I tried to get in the wrong car after registering for baby. I opened the door people. (but p.s. it was IDENTICAL to ours...and for the record...kinda stinky)

Exhibit B:
I chased down my "neighbor" by shouting "hey, where you goin with that baby?!"...only to then realize it wasn't, in fact, my neighbor, but her aunt who is watching the baby who happens to look shockingly similar to said neighbor from behind. Minus..oh you know...REALLY LONG BLACK HAIR. whatever.

So if you see a semi-distraught, but mostly aloof pregnant lady in your neighborhood...kindly turn me in the direction of my house...or better yet...put me in the car and take me home. If I can even manage to give you decent directions. Maybe I should invest in a bracelet or collar of some sort, just so people can make sure I get to the right place...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Technology Intervention

This is directed towards one person. One person who I know reads my blog. I know this because this one person commented on one of my more recent blog posts.

This person's name starts with an "E". It rhymes with "Schmemily".

I need this person to become a little LESS technology challenged.


Well there are 2 reasons. Both of which are purely selfish.

1. I think it would be AWESOME to see said person's newest addition (hint: it's definitely NOT a dog) without fear of bringing in some gnarly sickness from the outside world because wedontliveinabubble


2. When I have my own new addition (hint: again, not a dog) which will most likely take place in a different state seeing as I'm not currently carrying said new addition, I would like to be able to chit chat with my own new additions law school auntie.

Now what could this mysterious "Schmemily" do to become less technology challenged??

I decided (and K too..she really shouldn't be left out...she even said it was GENIUS...or something...maybe not "genius"...but something equally as amazing) that Emily "Schmemily" needs to have a webcam and also needs to become a member of "Skype".

This way I can not only TALK to "Schmemily" and "Schmeli" and "Schmnick" (ok..that one didn't work so well..)..I can SEE them too!!! And they could see me!!! (and said new addition that I'm not currently carrying, but will be in the distant/near-ish future)

I think its a wonderful idea.

What do you think "Schmemily"?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Im sorry, WHAT?

I have a WHAT? A BLOG??? You must be kidding. I haven't written a blog in MONTHS!

Well ya'll its true. I DO have a blog. Crazy, I know.

I suppose I havent had much to say lately...the last 3 years seem like its just been more of the same. More complaining about law school, being in it, taking its exams, working in its bookstore...and now, that time is coming to a close folks!! I'm actually graduating in MAY! WHAAAT?? Barring an all out nuclear disaster, I'll get my JD in May of this year. I absolutely cannot believe it. Nor can I wait. I'm going to be as giddy as a school girl after getting her first kiss. Come to think of it thought, giddy doesn't even really begin to describe the different emotions I will have that day. I'll give you an expected run down:

---Gratitude---towards: my husband, my parents, my husband's parents, my brother, my extended family, my husbands extended family, and my friends..and nameless others (including but not limited to: an endless number of random people who have to inadvertently deal with my stress level: think cashier at major supermarket or bank teller, or random person running at the same time as me)
---Accomplishment--cuz really, who would have expected me to get this far? (we'll get to them in juuuust a minute)
---Excitement--Y'all..I will be GRADUATING..who wouldn't be excited?? I mean really.
---Anxiety--I will still have to move 3 states away and take the bar after all

-and last but not least, the tacky-est, childish-est, small-est, most deserved-est emotion of all
---An extreme desire---to shove my J.D. in the face of everyone, certain people in particular, who said I couldn't do it....they can suck a moldy sponge...eww..gross...but so true..

Bitter Betty says: MOVING RIGHT ALONG

What else has happened since I went away??? HMMM...lemme think...


I ran a marathon SUCKAS! Yeah, thats right, I (well, I say "I" but it was mostly me, and mostly my dad) drug my not so fat, fat butt all 26.2 miles! It was amazing. It was too many things to explain in one blog...I'm so glad I did it and I truly cannot wait to do it again. During it, not so much, but now that I'm a month out, I can't wait to do it again. I'll train longer and work on my speed, but it was the most amazing experience, and I had to reach into a place so deep inside and make myself do something I really didn't think I could do and I did it. I really did it. It may not have been fast, and it may not have been pretty, but I did it. AND IT WAS SO PAINFUL. But pretty freaking AWESOME. :)

Made a huge decision...We're moving to Alabama/Georgia in May. We will be living in Phenix City, Alabama and commuting to Columbus Georgia for work. Jacob is pretty sure he's going to be getting a job with the same company he currently works for (the same people he worked for when we lived in AL before). And I'll be taking the Georgia bar in July. It's something that we have really labored over and thought about the entire time we've lived out here in Texas. We have run through every scenario we can imagine and we really feel like our life is in a place where we really want to have another baby and we really want to be near family when we do. So, Phenix City it is. My heart breaks a little each time I think about being away from the truly one of a kind friends we have made here, but I know that it really is the best thing to do. I just keep reminding myself that living out there as an attorney will be VERY different than living out here as a student. Meaning, we will have money to travel. (i.e. come back to Texas to see said amazing, wonderful, one of a kind, more like family, friends)

Is that enough updating for one blog?? I THINK SO...

I leave you with a picutre, as always...
It's an oldie---but a goodie...Meet Pete. He's Kristin's pet Camel. Long story short: law school makes you crazy. Pete is pretty awesome, and works at Kristin's apartment complex showing apartments (or maybe he is just the ride so they dont have to pay for a go kart?) You also may have seen him moonlighting on the Discovery Channel, in Pantene commercials, and in movies such as Kangaroo Jack (clearly pre-Kristin, its really all the appeal of having him work at the apartments aside from him being a camel obviously). He is pretty low maintenance, but gets a little moody during finals and sometimes forgets to re-fill the Brita filter. Pete had a short romance with Bertha, the GPS in our friend Carla's car, needless to say that didn't end well. Pete is a pretty cool dude. I dont know how he's been dealing with the new boy in Kristin's life, but I'm sure he'll let Kristin know, he IS moody you know!