Tuesday, March 10, 2009

so sue me

I've been neglecting my blog, I know. So sue me. lol. There has been plenty to blog about with my Dad having been in town the last couple of weekends, but I just never got around to it. Mostly because I know that if I have enough time and energy to blog, I ought to be working on something school related instead. I WILL get better grades this semester!! Ok, so I finished the big reading assignment for the night (yeah, there is another one, I just usually use my 3 hour lunch to read it lol), its officially update time!

--Why is it that the older you get, the less and less friends you can count on?? I mean, I have some awesome friends dont get me wrong. But it just seems like the older I get, the fewer friends I keep close. Maybe that's my fault, or its my shady ass friends. You know, whatever ;) I know you feel me on this one K! With that being said, why is it that as you get older, its harder to make new friends? I have some awesome friends at school, but thats just it, they are friends, at school. We do lunch. We have offically hung out once outside of a school setting that did not involve lunch. It involved delicious food and drink, yes, but it was NOT during school time! lol. Why is it that it becomes more and more difficult? Yeah yeah, there is that whole, everybody has a life thing, but we all need friends right?? So here is my open invite to my blogger/school friends: party at my house, your house, anybodys house, sooner than later. Or since I know where at least 3 of my lunch buddies live, I'll just show up with a case of beer and hope you let the party in ;)

--My parentals came into town TWICE! WOOT! I saw my dad for a RECORD 2 weekends in a row! It was awesome. I know he's been stressed with work, so I hope it was good to get away. I know it was surely fantastic to see him. And, BONUS, we are going out there for spring break! I'll be bringing my camera along for the shenanigans. We're supposed to go snow tubing. Its going to be hilarious. I just hope I escape without being battered and brusied, and possilby broken!

--My dog is a brat. I mean this so literally it hurts. I usually take her bratty butt to drop Hayder off at school. Monday, however, we were running late so she had to stay her, "I take forever to find the perfect pee spot when you're in a hurry" self at home. She proceeded to get in the pantry, (yeah I left the door open, what? go back, re read, I was in a hurry!) and steal FunDip, open the package on her bed and leave a mess for me to clean up. I mean the least she could have done was actually eaten it!! By the time I got home she had done her dirty bratty deed and promptly headed back to her sleeping spot. Seriously.

--I'm a nerd. I totally reserved a copy of Twilight. The movie. It comes out next weekend, and I'm so excited, the lady at blockbuster totally sucked me in and I reserved a copy for 5 bucks. OY! Proceed to make fun of me. I can take it. But if you haven't read the books, you wouldn't understand. If you have, proceed. :)

--I get to have a date with the hubster this weekend! Woo hoo! Last one was Valentines Day and it didn't turn out as well and we'd hoped. Basically, the movie we went to sucked. And that can put a damper on a date! So this weeked we are either going to the gun range (yeah, you read that right, I want to learn to shoot!), or maybe go-karts and mini golf weather permitting. If not there is always bowling! We are doing something fun this time, screw trying to be romantical. (thats what she said, you're welcome Emily)

--The gym is my bitch. Or I'm the gym's bitch. Whatever. If you're driving through my neighborhood and you see a scale soar through the air....that was me. After another workout and failure to lose any weight. Jacob says I'm gaining muscle. Well I better look like freaking Ahnold Schwartze-gubernor!! lol. Or my scale is gonna get it!

--There is an odd pain in my leg, I refuse to go to the doctor. I'm afraid I have a stress fracture. But I secretly think it would be awesome to have crutches, until I'm running late to pick up Hayden and inevitably get going too fast on said crutches and eat it infront of everyone. Yep, its a pretty rad visual for me too.

I think that about sums it up. I'm sure there is more, like my parental running the half marathon or my dad playing the hoola hoop game on Wii fit, but those must be saved for another day! I must get back to Evidence, then its time for some recorded fantasticalness and bedtime!!

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Emily said...

overload...that was like 5 posts in 1.

I totally agree about the hanging out...its just that pesky HOUR drive that gets in the way. I know, I know...excuses are exactly what you said you DIDN'T want to hear. So, I am sorry. But, in my defense, I think I had the last get together...and for the record, that was the ONLY get together at which I have been present (outside of school).

But, I will do my part...May. 17thish...CocktailLand. Get excited. There will be grilling. And ICE. COLD. BEER.