Sunday, February 8, 2009

C'mon Ya'll

Seriously. Ya'll. C'mon. Why didn't anyone tell me I had gotten HUGE?

You are my people. No one pulled me aside for a chit chat to tell me I was packing on the lb's.

I'm so disappointed. Of course not at ya'll, much. lol. I'm disappointed in myself! I was in decent shape right before the wedding, then it all went down hill! OMG now I'm frigging HUGE. I've gained roughly 10 pounds. Or so said the scale at the gym. (more like 12 but whatev). My scale at home only says I gained 6. But I'm a friggin hiefer.

So I'm recommiting to the gym. I'll post on here regularly about my progress, and you guys can keep me accountable. PLEASE! I need it. Somebody has to yell at me when I stay home to sleep under the gise of staying home to "read" for criminal procedure. Cuz lets be real. I dont ever end up reading as much as I need to. I end up sleeping until 11 or 1130, getting my ass outta bed, ready for school and my heart POUNDS during class just praying I wont get called on. So. I need to get my act together! Gym--4 or 5 times a week. I bought the dang membership, and so did Jacob. We ought to use it.

I propose
Gym--Monday and Wednesday evening--just cardio; Tuesday and Thursday morning--cardio and strength training and Saturday--maybe take a class or cardio and weights.

Sounds doable. Jacob can go on Monday Wednesday and Saturday...and he could probable convince me to go with him on Friday if all I had to do was the elliptical :)

Ok so as of this morning (I'm so not weighing right now, I've put away WAY too much today due to it being "that time of the month" and the only thing that seems to work is eating and sleeping..)

I weighed 66.2 kilos

My dad is coming in town at the end of the like 2 weeks. I wanna weigh 64.4 kilos (or lose 3 pounds) more than that would be GREAT. But I'm trying to be realistic.

By May I'd like to weigh between 61.2 kilos and 58.9 kilos. That would mean I need to lose between 10 and 15 pounds.

Thats totally doable...right??

I'll keep checking in...and if I dont, feel free to yell at me. :) Matter of fact, PLEASE yell at me!

That is all...Hope everyone is doing well...I have some updating to do, but for now its just a post about being a girl with body image issues :)

Totally me. I know..Stupid. I'm not making light of it either, but I've tried acting all "I love my body" and it never works. I just end up in a funk, which leads to eating, which NEVER HELPS. Seriously if anybody knows how to break the cycle, lemme know.


K said...

I'll be happy to yell at you, if you start yelling at me for my total FAILURE at ALL of my non-resolutions. February 8th and I already suck at 2009.

Emily said...

i think fit fridays moved to all pain no gain...that will keep you accountable! Also, I think you are nuts if you think you are going to workout when your kiddo is home...I know you, and you can't stand to be away from him! Do you have time before class but after you take him to school? Or before you take him to school?


Katelin said...

true emily...true..but im going to try, that is the only time on monday and wednesday i can go..on those days in in class all day, and jacob wants to go those nights, so we'll see, if its just cardio then its just like 45 minutes..then back to the house..the long workouts would be when i'm there on Tues and Thurs