Thursday, October 30, 2008

Circular Inspiration....

My bestie K, well..she's the best. I inspired her to post about Loyola and Chicago. She took me on a wonderful photo tour of some of her favorite spots and some landmarks. I will now embark on a quick photo tour of my college experience. I also see some picture of Duncanville coming on, the kind that doesn't involve what's been putting my hometown on the news lately..sheesh.

My previous post included a picture of Samford Hall. It is "the building" in AU. It is just an administration building now, and I'm pretty sure they told us duirng orientation that it burned down a long time ago, so they put sand inbetween the walls so it would never burn all the way down again.
Next, my personal favorite, the ugliest building on campus. The Haley Center. My goodness. I cannot believe this bad boy got bulit, but EW. So this is my favorite picture of my favorite building on campus. Its from an anti war strike back in the day.
Next up, Toomer's Corner. The oak tree gets toilet papered every time we win a football game. SO basically its pretty bare this year. lol. The "Toomer's Drugs" sells the best lemonade that side of the Mississippi.

It wouldn't be a post about AU if there wasn't a picture of Mama G's. Best Sandwiches and Ghetto Nachos EVER. And no, you're not hallucinating, that is an Auburn water tower. AWESOME.
There WAS going to be a picture of downtown Auburn. Not campus. The town. But, drat. Google Images let me down. I found zilch. Nothing representative of the loveliest village on the plains. (thats what they call it you know. Also, I found zero pictures of duncanville worth posting. Stupid other candidate was there..there were plenty of pictures of him. Stupid. Oh well. Instead. MORE AU! woo hoo. In honor of my bestie...a picture of the business buliding. It doesnt match in about the same way that the Haley Center doesn't match, but I liked it. Mostly because it was insanely close to the parking lot :)
thats it. Any more and I might pack up my stuff and move back.


Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Double Poster Disease

So I was trying to explain to Kristin the other day, the importance of the Auburn Creed. It is one of the few things I really identified with at Auburn that made me feel like an "Auburn Woman". I wasn't a part of any sorority, I didn't hang out with frat boys, in fact I might have avoided them on purpose. That will stay between me and you, blogger world. I digress. There are a lot of things that tainted my Auburn experience, but one thing that kept me connected was the Auburn Creed. It always plays, at least some of it, during Auburn games. It was written by George Petrie, whom I believe was one of the first Auburn football coaches. I believe in what it says, and it connects me to my Alma Mater in a way that some people don't get to connect to theirs. It makes me proud to be an Auburn Woman. It reminds me that being an Auburn fan and an Auburn Alum is about more than just winning and losing football games. Auburn will always be a part of my life and my history, and for that I will always be proud. It makes me believe in Auburn and love it! :)

I believe that this is a practical world and that I can count only on what I earn. Therefore, I believe in work, hard work.

I believe in education, which gives me the knowledge to work wisely and trains my mind and my hands to work skillfully.

I believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which I cannot win the respect and confidence of my fellow men.

I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid, and in clean sports that develop these qualities.

I believe in obedience to law because it protects the rights of all.

I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all.

I believe in my Country, because it is a land of freedom and because it is my own home, and that I can best serve that country by "doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God."

And because Auburn men and women believe in these things, I believe in Auburn and love it.

-George Petrie (1945)

All you can do is handle it

So as random as it is, one of my favorite songs right now is "No Matter What" by T.I.
I know, odd right? I do listen to rap music, but mostly just what comes on the radio while I'm listening to a pop-station. But this song really got me. Its a reality check. So since I'm talking about it, you get to hear my favorite part. And forgive me for changing it from slang, it just sounds silly to me.

"Life can change your direction, even when you didn't plan it. All you can do is handle it, Worst thing you can do is panic. Use it to your advantage, Aviod insanity, manage every obstacle, make the impossible possible. Even when winning is illogical, losing is still far from optional."

Thoughtful right? I've been going through a lot emotionally the past few years, and this song just helps me remember that its all about character building. Everything I've been through is for a reason, even when its hard, there is always some reason why its happening. I know that its hard, and school is hard, and being married is hard, and being a mom is hard, but at the end of the day all I can do is be myself and do what I can handle. Some days its less than others, and some days I feel like I'm super woman minus the awesome figure and cape. (even if she didn't have a cape, if I was super woman I would demand a cape, super MAN gets a cape, so why wouldn't super woman? I'm serious, I would need something to balance me out if you know what I mean, or else I never fly, I would just do somersaults from being top heavy. and again..I dont think she flew, but I would demand the power to fly.) the previous dialogue all happened before i realized that i was thinking about WONDER woman, not super woman. this occured to me when i did a google image search for super woman and found homegirl flying around with a cape. so you get a picture of wonder woman instead.

That is enough of the gushy girly stuff.

E posted a blog about dogs in costumes and I couldn't resist talking about Bailey's costume. Its awesome. She hates it, which with her attitude of late, makes it even better. She has been such a brat dog! Whining, staring, being doggy manipulative. I'm serious. If you dont think that dogs manipulate, you haven't met the right dog. I am the queen of giving dogs human characteristics. and I know Cesar Milian things its wrong. Whatever. My dog is my daughter, and I will treat her as such and suffer the consequences. The End. She is no worse for the wear and neither are we. So pplllttthh.

OH and I would like to say that I am innocent and do not appricate the "sketch" that my husband posted on his blog. :) Most of the cases that an item of clothing that has been "stolen" did NOT FIT anymore .Or was never worn. The most recent case of "theivery" was because its just comfy and wayy too big for me. So plllthhh to you husband. Maybe you shouldn't buy hoodies that are too big for you then I wouldn't steal them and snuggle up with them. Maybe you're the problem. :)

OK. That is enough blogging for right now. I do have a lot more to say, but I'll save it for another post.
its a purple monkey. she hates the part around her ears the most. hence the fact its under her mouth. lol

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just call me a slacker

I'm ok with that. It wouldnt be the first time anyone has called me that. I pretty much live up to the name on a daily basis as well. I do just enough to get by without going crazy. Right now I'll take that. I'm not down for pushing myself over the edge. If you are, go ahead. More room for the rest of us. But if you're like me..lets all settle down, sit back, and procrastinate.

I like procrastinate much much better than slacker. Because lets be really honest, I'll get whatever it is that I need to do done, it just might not get done until the last possible second. I just haven't completely learned that lesson yet. I really should, but yet, here I am, procrastinating about my Appellate Brief. I mean, c'mon that thing isnt going to write itself...I'll get to it, eventually..I do it in pieces..they just aren't big ones. And its left me feeling pretty guilty at the lack of appellate brief that exists in my document files on my computer. Yep, you read it here first, I feel like a big lazy loaf for not having enough done. I dont want to waste this coming weekend working on this beast, but I will. Hopefully I'll get it written this weekend and spend the rest of the week editing. But who knows.

BLAH. I'm tired of talking about the Appellate Brief almost as much as I'm sick and tired of talking about this election. If I am forced to watch one more Obama commercial I might puke. I blame my TiVo for not knowing that I dont want to watch them and not letting me fast forward. Stupid TiVo. I take that back, I love my TiVo..please TiVo if you're reading this I'm truly sorry, dont break, YOUR MY BOY! Or girl, or electronic. whatever you choose, just don't stop recording my shows. They bring me joy and sanity when they are in short supply!! (sanity and joy, not the shows...I'm slightly addicted to TV so I have plently of shows..don't fret)

SO..back to the wait. nevermind. I cant do it. I cannot dedicate another part of MY BLOG to you sir. Mr. Election. I have a sinking feeling you're not goin to go "my way" even though I'll get my lazy butt out and vote. Because, lets face it, the man is just not on our side in this election. I've never seen such a one sided coverage of anything...even the Olympics that were only covered by one station were less one sided. LOL.

AHEM. Changing the topic to something infinitely more interesting.


I've got nothing that fits the bill. So back to blabbering incoherently about nothing.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas. Its not because of the holiday's per se, I just love Christmas. I am really excited to spend my first Christmas as an official part of the Griswold/White family. (its going to be my first WHITE Christmas...haha lol) I've had Christmas with them before, last Christmas was the first time I was there for Christmas and it was a blast. Jacob's family is a hoot. It is a LITTLE overwhelming at times, but awesome. I'm really looking forward to having some time to just relax too. I might not even read a book over the holiday. Over the summer I read a TON, and last Christmas I read 2 or 3 books. So this Christmas, maybe I'll only read magazines! I like it. Tabloids and Girly magazines it is!

Ok maybe this is enough blogging for now.

very quickly. someone needs to motivate me to keep eating well and running....i have lost all motivation to do anything other than just try and eat a little better than really bad and as far as running is concerned, i'd rather poke myself in the eye just sooo tired! so...if anyone has some motivation...please leave it in the comment section~ thanks in advance!

So picture time this post will actually be a homeade picture! Me, my brother, and my boy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fit Friday!


Progress report.

I did really good all week. I mean REALLY good. I ran 3 times already and I am planning my long run for tomorrow morning. I started e-mealz, an email recipe program that emails you once a week with meal options. I picked the low fat program, its not a weight loss program, but its getting us to eat at home. The food is fantastic and we ate at home 3 times this week. We ate out last night and for a late lunch today (I'll get to today in a minute). But we're planning on eating at home tomorrow and Sunday so that is amazing for us to eat out only 2 times in one week. I made it through so far without a beer or wine, not that hard though, we just didn't buy any :). I didnt eat ONE 100 calorie pack. I substituted 100 calorie popcorn, I think that is better, but who knows, it helped me eat better all week, so if its not, I'll still take it for now. My snacking was so much better. I was really dreading coming home a lot of days because that's what I typically do when I get home. I go to the pantry and find something, then go back at least one more time before dinner. So even if I've done good all day, there is still the pantry deamon. Stupid. I should charge that thing rent!

So today...on fit friday no less...I. ate. so. bad.

Husband wanted Zaxby's (totally fantastic chicken fingers). I had planned on ordering the salad and just being done with it, but by the time I got there I hadn't eaten since like 930 and it was after 3. I ate 4 chicken fingers, some of my fries (not a lot) and sone homeade chips. And regular Dr. Pepper. Totally horrible I know. But seriously, it wasn't that much food now that I look at it. Not nearly what it could have been. So I'll take it as a "minor hiccup" in the process.

LBS: Before my little debacle today I stepped on the scale.
10/17: 67.1 kilos (this is when I posted, I can't remember if I actually posted that day or Monday, but we'll just go with the day it says on my blog)
10/24: 65.77 kilos

Thats 2 kilos! (3 poun ds!) Soo fantastic. Hopefully I didnt mess it up with today's little fiasco! We'll see in the morning I suppose!

So all in all it was a decent week, just one flub and some fantastic at home cooking!
I wasnt sure if we were all going to be putting a new picture up, I saw that It's Almost Naptime said she was going to, so I guess I'll join in! Hope everyone else had a good week!! We can do this ladies! Oh yeah, I got a haircut today too!! YAY! (disclaimer, this picture IS from day of food related debauchery so be kind)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is Your Brain.....This is Your Brain on Babies

This blog was going to be about my desire to have a baby. But instead it turned into a lovely blog about my current recommendations for a more functional existence. And, I told Jacob's mom I have a blog, and personally, I like her and don't wish to give her a heart attack any time soon. So, no babies. (and in case you're wondering mama white, no babies for at least 2 heart attacks here :) )


I personally blame hormones and my inability to get a good nights sleep.

My obsession of the day is using "thats what she said". Whether it fits or not. I have hit some jackpots though. I did make Em. laugh pretty hard. She said it first, then I added was good times. Lunch a Taco C. with good friends is worth getting up at 545 to register for classes. Especially when you score some Starbucks with good friends along the way too.

So in blogging, I feel as thought I now have some responsibility to A. make people laugh..I know I should take this one more seriously, and in the future I promise, more laughing and B. I ought to impart my vast knowledge on the general blogger public (see..already with the laughing!!)

OK So I came up with some recommendations. For what I don't know. Just some general, do this don't do that kind of things.

1. Learn how to spell "recommendations" if you're going to use it. That red line can be very angry looking and ominous.
2. Not sleeping, waking up before the sun does, and then drinking A LOT of caffeine, then attempting to sit through class with a guest speaker..not a good idea. it leads to playing MASH (hilarious by the way) and a general inability to sit still, have a continuous thought, or keep your eyes on your own notes however minimal they may be.
3. Do not leave a roast in the crock pot all day (8 hours) it tends to get dry and taste like dirt. Really, I don't recommend it. UNLESS you're feeding a herd of 6 year olds with undeveloped palates. They freaking love it. I swear if Hayden could have licked the bowl he would have. So I will add "disgustingly dry meat preferably with the texture of dirt" to the list of things my son enjoys. It now totals 5. lol
4. Being attacked by spiders outside the car is equally as scary as one inside when you're working on 4ish ours of sleep. Because at that point spiders have super powers and can come through windows. I'm serious. I'm just trying to help you out here. You choose to listen or not. Its at your own risk really.
5. It is perfectly normal to sing it the shower. I recommend you do it often. What I do not recommend is getting caught by your husband mid "ditty" when you insist on dancing while singing in the shower. There ARE some things that even your husband doesn't want to know about. Put that on your short list, unless you're like me and don't mind being laughed at. I personally thought it was embarrassing as hell, but one of the highlights of my day.
6. Listen up. This is good advice. If you don't take it, its really you're fault when it happens to you. Because it will happen to you. I hope it doesn't but..if you are really tired, and I mean really tired, not ooh I'm sooo tired I only got 8 hours of sleep (if that's the case, we need to have a pow wow about your sleeping habits) I mean 4 hours of sleep, when you're only averaging 6 then attempting to come to school. This usually means you need some sort of caffeinated beverage. I do not suggest you get coffee without a lid. Unless you have the reflexes of a cat, in slow mow, in a matrix movie, on life 1 of 9. Because, you see, stress plus tired and caffeinated, means you will inevitably make a poor decision. This decision might even be to put said caffeinated near your computer. DANGEROUS. Chances are you will be minding your own business when WHAM. Your coffee jumps RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CUP onto your computer. This is when the reflexes come in. I'm telling you, ninja skills wont save you. Only cats in slow mow with lives to burn. Otherwise, you'll be freaking out about the number of things you just lost, or potentially lost and not about the fact you're supposed to be learning something. (assuming you're in class) However, if you're lucky, your computer will live. Like mine. :)

The end.

Pic of the day: My new family. Be jealous. They are pretty friggin rad.

Because Apparently Someone Forgot to Tell You

Apparently it is not common practice to inform people that when they have a runny nose, it is perfectly ok to USE A TISSUE.


That is all.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Today I decided that I would come home and work. Well, unless blogging is considered work, we see how far those aspirations went. I am, however, sitting upstairs, at my desk NOT ON THE BED! I consider this a huge step in the right general direction. I have my book sitting next to me as well as all the necessary things to work on my appellate brief. But, alas, to bloggerdom I came.

Now, the first question might even be, hey Katelin, since you're blogging instead of working you must have something to say, something interesting perhaps?

Not so much. Sorry for the oh so unfortunate teaser. But alas, I'm just plain using my sweet sweet avoidance tactics and blogging instead of working.

Interestingly enough, a good real life and blogger life friend of mine recently (and very eloquently I might add) spoke out about Kangaroo-Hos (its becoming an epidemic you know). Now, you'll just have to figure that out on your own by reading her blog. But I digress. If you are reading this, chances are you know what I'm talking about.

I recently had an encounter, via my brother, with a Kangaroo-Ho. Many of you might know that my brother and his long time girlfriend (finace and the time thank you very much) broke up about 2 months or so ago. Well, his birthday was yesterday. And what did that Kangaroo-Ho decide to do on this very magical day? Call. I understand that she might have wanted to wish him a happy birthday, but in this particular situation I think that sending an e-mail would have sufficed. Or even a lovely text. BUT NO. Kangaroo Ho had to go and call. WTF? I seriously don't understand. They did NOT end on good terms, unless you consider him staying at my house for a week then every weekend since good terms. I dont know about you but I'm going with NO. What is NO for 200 Alex?

So anyway, I was supremely irritated. I just don't understad how that is a good idea. I just hope that when she called back she didn't open any more wounds for him, I'll find out later.

And last but certainly NOT least, I will cut and paste my lovely message to Kristin on facebook.
To all my facebook friends and future facebook friends. please, and I mean please here, I could insert FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, but alas, I did not.

moving on, please do NOT tell me that you are sick on facebook, I dont mean sniffle sniffle sick, I mean I dont need to know that you are sick and throwing up. I may have, in the past, insinuated (spelled right the first time thank you) that I was ill, that my stomach was upset, but I cannot recall ever saying that I was sick and throwing up. maybe I did, but from now on, that subject is firmly off limits. I MEAN REALLY

SO what do we take from this lovely facebok note besides the fact that I was utterly grossed out by someones "status" message?
If you are ever in the situation to tell someone a quick snippet ( I dont mean blog, blog about throwing up, just please, make it funny) of 25 words or less that you are sick and throwing up. There are still things in life that I choose not to know. You and your bowel habits are one of them. If you do decide to violate this rule, please, delete your message, go BACK TO BED, or your bathroom, for I am sure that if you're really that sick, you probably shouldnt be informing people of it on facebook. THE END

PICTURE TIME. This picture is from the internet, as I have not taken any pictures in a while. I took my time trying to find something. This popped up on the 6th page or something for my google search of "vintage advertisements" and all I could think when I saw it was "that's what she said"..(technically "he" but you get my point)

Friday, October 17, 2008

To fit or not to fit, fat is the question!

LOL. So Emily posted on her blog about fit Friday. I don't know any of the ladies who are doing it. But I do think its a good idea. Maybe my blog can keep me accountable to myself (and others too I suppose). A couple of the other ladies put some pictures of themselves on here. I'll get to that. I took them, I just need to upload them..and see if I'm super comfortable with putting them on here. But the beginning of the process is setting some goals. Here goes nothing:

--run at least 30 min/3-4x per week, with one long run on the weekend
--get serious about a diet...less diet though, more healthy lifestyle. I dont know how I feel about "dieting". maybe cutting back on ice cream a little till I jiggle less, but in the end that is just being healthy. so lets say: get serious about eating more burger binge weekends!!
--no more alcohol until I get some weight off. the weekends are the hardest, because I mostly drink beer. aka, calorie busters. I'll do so good, then get a beer, then munch..and there went all the work I've done! beer. only wine, and only if I absolutely NEED a glass to wind down..(and it must be white)
--quit snacking so dang no more 100 calorie snacks in the house, period.
--no more eating late. 8 is the cut off, no late snacking (see the last one)

I think that about does it. I really need to get serious about this. We're supposed to be running the half in February, and the furthest I've run is 5 miles, less than half of the half. UGH! I really thought it would be easier to get on a schedule, but it isn't. It is really really hard actually. By the time Jacob gets home I'm just done for the day. 6 o'clock is dinner time and study time. So I guess I should come home and actually study now so that I can get on a schedule instead of coming home and either napping (oh how I love sleep) or watching 90210 re-runs from 1994. LOL. Ok. So in keeping with tradition, here is my weight as now: 67.1 kilos OMG..that looks so big. DO NOT GO CONVERT THAT~ please. Just trust me, its not good.

Overall Goal: 58.9 kilos
Goal by X-Mas: 61.2 kilos

That would be 5 pounds less than I weighed on my wedding day by Christmas, and I tell you, I can do it. Wedding should have been more motivation, but in the end I was worried about spending more money on alterations, and I was just plain stressed. And for me stress=eating.

I digress..My overall goal is what I figure is a good size for me. I've never really weighed any less than that, and it's what I weighed when I was in high-school and was playing soccer, but eating like a haaas. SO I figure, if I can work out, and eat well, that wouldn't be so bad! We'll see.

Final Goal: Stop using school as an excuse. My dad became a marathoner in Grad School. No more Excuses!

Ok. If I'm going to get real about this...Here is a picture to prove it. It is a side view...I'm so not ok with the front view. Not happening on here kiddos. Maybe when all is said and done. BUT not now. NO.

Here is to slim-down success!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bandwagon Jumping

Here I am, in class, again. Second time today, 5th time this week, gazillionth time in my life. And what is it that I'm doing? Blogging. What is my neighbor doing? blogging. What is her neighbor doing? that's right, you guessed it, blogging. Why you ask are all three of us blogging? because we can. and because it makes it look like we're taking the most detailed, extensive notes that the person in front of me is sweating bullets because of the fantastic nature of my furious typing.

What's that? You want to know what's new in my life? I wish I had something awesome to enlighten you with. But, alas. I don't. Its just more of the same. (EWW, that sounded like O'Biden...yuck)My life is becoming more and more UN-interesting. So what is it that would make my life more interesting. *insert brainstorm here*

1. a puppy--it would keep me on my toes, give me something to do/an excuse to stop reading; con--pee in my house (my LEAST favorite surprise..stepping in puppy pee)oooh and poo...that is sooo much worse, sleepless nights (even though, lets be honest, this already happens), chewed up belongings, expenses...
--i'm guessing this one is out :)

2. a baby---hells no.

3. date night with my husband--i would make my life more interesting, but still wouldn't give me anything to blog about :) EEEWWWW

4. if Auburn would stop sucking--yes, this would make my life on the weekends much much more bearable...the thought of going into the weekend would be more enjoyable if I knew we weren't going to completely suck. just a thought :)

so basically, it's hopeless, my cause is going down in burning flames. Because, and let's be REAL honest here, the ONLY thing that will make my life more interesting is not being in school. I suppose that not being in school would mean that I'm working, and also under the assumption that this magical job will not interfere so terribly in my everyday life. Let's put our heads together and pray it doesn't anyway.

On an unrelated note---the debates are on tonight. I will not be watching. I have a feeling, however, that it will be coming on during my wonderful show. DANGIT. Just realized that. STUPID ELECTION! BLECH! I just want to vote and get it over with. I mean really, who is still so undecided that something Shamus or Pee Paw says tonight is going to influence their vote. Lets be honest. We all know who we're voting for (well those of us who are making our best efforts to educate ourselves about the lesser of two evils)

And last. While I am bored, my Professional Responsibility professor is killer. He's awesome. I'm not going to name names, because I don't want my blog to pop up when you Google his name. But suffice it to say, if I wanted to go into trial, I'd want him as my judge. He's a hoot. He seems like he'd be tough, but I'm ok with that. Especially since he's got a good sense of humor.

OK thats it. I will now be surfing the internet to find you wonderful pictures.

Now for a personal picture...this is me..hanging out the sunroof of Sarah's mom's car. it was awesome.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I call it "creative avoidance"

What is it that I'm currently avoiding? Well, frankly, a lot. However, at the moment, by blogging, I am avoiding, specifically, my Appellate Brief. It is giving me such pains. I've never hit a wall like this before. Its a hard, hard wall. We're talking made of steel. (wouldn't it be great to have a wall made of steel? i mean c'mon..) It is eternally frustrating. Alas, and by AB'ing, (or avoiding it..i know..join me on my circus ride and you'll go down screaming) I am avoiding reading for Constitutional Law. And, finally, by doing school work, I am avoiding my real life. AH. There. See? And you thought it was going to be fun, easy, and fulfilling to be a law student. NAY! Its time consuming, brow beating, confidence killing, mind boggling, sheer torture at times, and most of all...eternally stressful. There are days when its just too much. And yet, there are days, that thankfully are quick to follow, that are the very days that keep me going. Those are the days when things click in class, when I have an honest moment where I truly enjoy the classroom discussion, and when I can truly say I understood something. Those days are in the minority most times, but yet, I'm still here. Mostly surviving.
I found this on YouTube:'m thinking of buying it...maybe it will lend others some insight into my world..

Picture time: I've been thinking about the wedding a lot lately, for various reasons. I sincerely wish I had a million pictures. I love what I have, but is there ever enough?? I didn't get to take any (well, one..) by myself, which was a bit mistake. Well, sorta. I want to take them as a trash the dress session...I think that would be awesome..I just need to convince someone to pay for it/shoot it!! This is a picture of me and Kristin...she's probably being her awesome maid of honor self and calming me down with a funny story or something...couldn't ask for a better friend :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

When your best friend becomes your arch enemy...

You were the cheese to my you're the Biden to my McCain. Its a sad day in Fort Worth. We're like the Olly girls on Sunset Tan, broken apart potentially brain altering tanning beds. I saw on Smallville once that Lex Luther and Superman were friends...until that whole Kryptonite thing went down. We all see how THAT turned out. So now, in my blogger-return, I will recount the unfortunate demise. From my point of view of course. I do however promise that the facts have not bee edited.

There I was...innocently sitting in class, quenching my ever present thirst for knowledge. When all of a sudden "Lex" (we'll call her Lex..although we all KNOW her real name) walks up behind me and WHACKS ME ON THE HEAD!! can you believe it?! I couldnt either!!!! Well mostly because it didn't happen..I was just making sure you were paying attention. Continue..So, there I was, in class, chatting with "Lex". "Lex" decided that it would be a great idea to tell me I should get cancer and choke on an ice cube. WHAT? I said...I can't believe you said that! I'm going get the pope to sue you!!! Then there were more, very unsettling details, that only wish to recount to the therapist I now need to hire. But you get the idea I'm sure. I was attacked..and I am so. so. sad.

Now. What have we learned?? Let us go over it quickly.
1. Never let a law student stew over a blog. Their imagination tends to run a little wild.
2. Always and I mean always, keep up on your blogging, or you will be forced to tell a sensational tale filled with half-witty remarks that are surely beyond the understanding of most of your readers.
and most important:
3. NEVER and I MEAN NEVER attempt to get through law school without your law school soul mate. It would be a long, tedious, and completely un-fun adventure that I would NOT recommend.

So here is to my law school soul mate: I LOVE YOU LEX!! hahah the end.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debates and Blankets :)

Just watched the VP debates. Sarah Palin rocked. She did so well, especially having a very short resume on the issues. She really stood her ground and put a veteran politician in his place a few times :). I don't know if she did it herself by making him irritated, or if he is just a dweeb..but I really didn't feel like Biden came off very well. He seemed to come off (to me anyway) as a jerk. He differs A LOT from Obama. I know Palin does too, but damn, if the moderator (who is writing a book about Obama by the way) keeps pointing it Anyway..just thought I'd get that out there. So in my view the tally is McCain Campain 2 Obama negative 392438967 0. PeePaw McCain did really well, I thought, and now so did Palin. I'm not confident that they will be elected...but I do feel a bit better about voting the way I will! I'm stupidly excited about voting this year, but then again I was the last election too! 32 days!

Side note: they were just doing fact checking...and it reminded me of the McCain debate about Kissinger where Obama was wrong about what Kissinger had said about low level talks not presidential talks...tee hee

Blankets: the thing I have been under all day. I feel like crap. I missed class today and yesterday (just one yesterday, but both today)It'll be ok though. I'm sure I'll feel better soon! (i hope) Ok..that's it..I think I'll try and go to bed early tonight!

Picture: my new hair a wild hair..changed it up!