Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debates and Blankets :)

Just watched the VP debates. Sarah Palin rocked. She did so well, especially having a very short resume on the issues. She really stood her ground and put a veteran politician in his place a few times :). I don't know if she did it herself by making him irritated, or if he is just a dweeb..but I really didn't feel like Biden came off very well. He seemed to come off (to me anyway) as a jerk. He differs A LOT from Obama. I know Palin does too, but damn, if the moderator (who is writing a book about Obama by the way) keeps pointing it Anyway..just thought I'd get that out there. So in my view the tally is McCain Campain 2 Obama negative 392438967 0. PeePaw McCain did really well, I thought, and now so did Palin. I'm not confident that they will be elected...but I do feel a bit better about voting the way I will! I'm stupidly excited about voting this year, but then again I was the last election too! 32 days!

Side note: they were just doing fact checking...and it reminded me of the McCain debate about Kissinger where Obama was wrong about what Kissinger had said about low level talks not presidential talks...tee hee

Blankets: the thing I have been under all day. I feel like crap. I missed class today and yesterday (just one yesterday, but both today)It'll be ok though. I'm sure I'll feel better soon! (i hope) Ok..that's it..I think I'll try and go to bed early tonight!

Picture: my new hair a wild hair..changed it up!


K said...

While watching the VP debates, I filled out my ballot and sealed it up. Will be mailed tomorrow.

Guess who I voted for?!?!?!

It twas fun. I felt very important. YAY VOTING!

Emily said...

love the hair.

hope you feel better soon...go outside and get some fresh air, unless its allergy-related yuckiness then don't go outside.