Thursday, October 30, 2008

Circular Inspiration....

My bestie K, well..she's the best. I inspired her to post about Loyola and Chicago. She took me on a wonderful photo tour of some of her favorite spots and some landmarks. I will now embark on a quick photo tour of my college experience. I also see some picture of Duncanville coming on, the kind that doesn't involve what's been putting my hometown on the news lately..sheesh.

My previous post included a picture of Samford Hall. It is "the building" in AU. It is just an administration building now, and I'm pretty sure they told us duirng orientation that it burned down a long time ago, so they put sand inbetween the walls so it would never burn all the way down again.
Next, my personal favorite, the ugliest building on campus. The Haley Center. My goodness. I cannot believe this bad boy got bulit, but EW. So this is my favorite picture of my favorite building on campus. Its from an anti war strike back in the day.
Next up, Toomer's Corner. The oak tree gets toilet papered every time we win a football game. SO basically its pretty bare this year. lol. The "Toomer's Drugs" sells the best lemonade that side of the Mississippi.

It wouldn't be a post about AU if there wasn't a picture of Mama G's. Best Sandwiches and Ghetto Nachos EVER. And no, you're not hallucinating, that is an Auburn water tower. AWESOME.
There WAS going to be a picture of downtown Auburn. Not campus. The town. But, drat. Google Images let me down. I found zilch. Nothing representative of the loveliest village on the plains. (thats what they call it you know. Also, I found zero pictures of duncanville worth posting. Stupid other candidate was there..there were plenty of pictures of him. Stupid. Oh well. Instead. MORE AU! woo hoo. In honor of my bestie...a picture of the business buliding. It doesnt match in about the same way that the Haley Center doesn't match, but I liked it. Mostly because it was insanely close to the parking lot :)
thats it. Any more and I might pack up my stuff and move back.


Hope you enjoyed!

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K said...

Yay!!! I love tours!!! That was fun! Since we can't quite make the trip to show each other our towns... this is second best. Its fun to reminisce. And procrastinate. We're just so darn good at it! There should be some kind of award... "best work product while procrastinating that has nothing to do with what you were actually supposed to be doing!" I think the title is a LITTLE long, but it works :)