Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Today I decided that I would come home and work. Well, unless blogging is considered work, we see how far those aspirations went. I am, however, sitting upstairs, at my desk NOT ON THE BED! I consider this a huge step in the right general direction. I have my book sitting next to me as well as all the necessary things to work on my appellate brief. But, alas, to bloggerdom I came.

Now, the first question might even be, hey Katelin, since you're blogging instead of working you must have something to say, something interesting perhaps?

Not so much. Sorry for the oh so unfortunate teaser. But alas, I'm just plain using my sweet sweet avoidance tactics and blogging instead of working.

Interestingly enough, a good real life and blogger life friend of mine recently (and very eloquently I might add) spoke out about Kangaroo-Hos (its becoming an epidemic you know). Now, you'll just have to figure that out on your own by reading her blog. But I digress. If you are reading this, chances are you know what I'm talking about.

I recently had an encounter, via my brother, with a Kangaroo-Ho. Many of you might know that my brother and his long time girlfriend (finace and the time thank you very much) broke up about 2 months or so ago. Well, his birthday was yesterday. And what did that Kangaroo-Ho decide to do on this very magical day? Call. I understand that she might have wanted to wish him a happy birthday, but in this particular situation I think that sending an e-mail would have sufficed. Or even a lovely text. BUT NO. Kangaroo Ho had to go and call. WTF? I seriously don't understand. They did NOT end on good terms, unless you consider him staying at my house for a week then every weekend since good terms. I dont know about you but I'm going with NO. What is NO for 200 Alex?

So anyway, I was supremely irritated. I just don't understad how that is a good idea. I just hope that when she called back she didn't open any more wounds for him, I'll find out later.

And last but certainly NOT least, I will cut and paste my lovely message to Kristin on facebook.
To all my facebook friends and future facebook friends. please, and I mean please here, I could insert FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, but alas, I did not.

moving on, please do NOT tell me that you are sick on facebook, I dont mean sniffle sniffle sick, I mean I dont need to know that you are sick and throwing up. I may have, in the past, insinuated (spelled right the first time thank you) that I was ill, that my stomach was upset, but I cannot recall ever saying that I was sick and throwing up. maybe I did, but from now on, that subject is firmly off limits. I MEAN REALLY

SO what do we take from this lovely facebok note besides the fact that I was utterly grossed out by someones "status" message?
If you are ever in the situation to tell someone a quick snippet ( I dont mean blog, blog about throwing up, just please, make it funny) of 25 words or less that you are sick and throwing up. There are still things in life that I choose not to know. You and your bowel habits are one of them. If you do decide to violate this rule, please, delete your message, go BACK TO BED, or your bathroom, for I am sure that if you're really that sick, you probably shouldnt be informing people of it on facebook. THE END

PICTURE TIME. This picture is from the internet, as I have not taken any pictures in a while. I took my time trying to find something. This popped up on the 6th page or something for my google search of "vintage advertisements" and all I could think when I saw it was "that's what she said"..(technically "he" but you get my point)

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