Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All you can do is handle it

So as random as it is, one of my favorite songs right now is "No Matter What" by T.I.
I know, odd right? I do listen to rap music, but mostly just what comes on the radio while I'm listening to a pop-station. But this song really got me. Its a reality check. So since I'm talking about it, you get to hear my favorite part. And forgive me for changing it from slang, it just sounds silly to me.

"Life can change your direction, even when you didn't plan it. All you can do is handle it, Worst thing you can do is panic. Use it to your advantage, Aviod insanity, manage every obstacle, make the impossible possible. Even when winning is illogical, losing is still far from optional."

Thoughtful right? I've been going through a lot emotionally the past few years, and this song just helps me remember that its all about character building. Everything I've been through is for a reason, even when its hard, there is always some reason why its happening. I know that its hard, and school is hard, and being married is hard, and being a mom is hard, but at the end of the day all I can do is be myself and do what I can handle. Some days its less than others, and some days I feel like I'm super woman minus the awesome figure and cape. (even if she didn't have a cape, if I was super woman I would demand a cape, super MAN gets a cape, so why wouldn't super woman? I'm serious, I would need something to balance me out if you know what I mean, or else I never fly, I would just do somersaults from being top heavy. and again..I dont think she flew, but I would demand the power to fly.) the previous dialogue all happened before i realized that i was thinking about WONDER woman, not super woman. this occured to me when i did a google image search for super woman and found homegirl flying around with a cape. so you get a picture of wonder woman instead.

That is enough of the gushy girly stuff.

E posted a blog about dogs in costumes and I couldn't resist talking about Bailey's costume. Its awesome. She hates it, which with her attitude of late, makes it even better. She has been such a brat dog! Whining, staring, being doggy manipulative. I'm serious. If you dont think that dogs manipulate, you haven't met the right dog. I am the queen of giving dogs human characteristics. and I know Cesar Milian things its wrong. Whatever. My dog is my daughter, and I will treat her as such and suffer the consequences. The End. She is no worse for the wear and neither are we. So pplllttthh.

OH and I would like to say that I am innocent and do not appricate the "sketch" that my husband posted on his blog. :) Most of the cases that an item of clothing that has been "stolen" did NOT FIT anymore .Or was never worn. The most recent case of "theivery" was because its just comfy and wayy too big for me. So plllthhh to you husband. Maybe you shouldn't buy hoodies that are too big for you then I wouldn't steal them and snuggle up with them. Maybe you're the problem. :)

OK. That is enough blogging for right now. I do have a lot more to say, but I'll save it for another post.
its a purple monkey. she hates the part around her ears the most. hence the fact its under her mouth. lol

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Emily said...

1) Haven't you ever seen The Incredibles? Capes are totally not safe or cool. Duh.

2) "snacks on me. Patron on ice. you can bring whatever you like. you can bring whatever you like." gotta love me some rap music too...holler at your boy.