Thursday, October 9, 2008

When your best friend becomes your arch enemy...

You were the cheese to my you're the Biden to my McCain. Its a sad day in Fort Worth. We're like the Olly girls on Sunset Tan, broken apart potentially brain altering tanning beds. I saw on Smallville once that Lex Luther and Superman were friends...until that whole Kryptonite thing went down. We all see how THAT turned out. So now, in my blogger-return, I will recount the unfortunate demise. From my point of view of course. I do however promise that the facts have not bee edited.

There I was...innocently sitting in class, quenching my ever present thirst for knowledge. When all of a sudden "Lex" (we'll call her Lex..although we all KNOW her real name) walks up behind me and WHACKS ME ON THE HEAD!! can you believe it?! I couldnt either!!!! Well mostly because it didn't happen..I was just making sure you were paying attention. Continue..So, there I was, in class, chatting with "Lex". "Lex" decided that it would be a great idea to tell me I should get cancer and choke on an ice cube. WHAT? I said...I can't believe you said that! I'm going get the pope to sue you!!! Then there were more, very unsettling details, that only wish to recount to the therapist I now need to hire. But you get the idea I'm sure. I was attacked..and I am so. so. sad.

Now. What have we learned?? Let us go over it quickly.
1. Never let a law student stew over a blog. Their imagination tends to run a little wild.
2. Always and I mean always, keep up on your blogging, or you will be forced to tell a sensational tale filled with half-witty remarks that are surely beyond the understanding of most of your readers.
and most important:
3. NEVER and I MEAN NEVER attempt to get through law school without your law school soul mate. It would be a long, tedious, and completely un-fun adventure that I would NOT recommend.

So here is to my law school soul mate: I LOVE YOU LEX!! hahah the end.

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K said...

This Lex madame sounds like a fantastic person. I mean, perhaps youre story is skewed. You did insinuate that it was from your point of view. You are a law student, you should know that there are TWO sides to the story. So I suggest you think about that.
But you know what? I'd like to be friends with this Lex character. She sounds lovely. You are lucky to have such a friend to go through law school with. I bet she feels the same.