Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is Your Brain.....This is Your Brain on Babies

This blog was going to be about my desire to have a baby. But instead it turned into a lovely blog about my current recommendations for a more functional existence. And, I told Jacob's mom I have a blog, and personally, I like her and don't wish to give her a heart attack any time soon. So, no babies. (and in case you're wondering mama white, no babies for at least 2 heart attacks here :) )


I personally blame hormones and my inability to get a good nights sleep.

My obsession of the day is using "thats what she said". Whether it fits or not. I have hit some jackpots though. I did make Em. laugh pretty hard. She said it first, then I added was good times. Lunch a Taco C. with good friends is worth getting up at 545 to register for classes. Especially when you score some Starbucks with good friends along the way too.

So in blogging, I feel as thought I now have some responsibility to A. make people laugh..I know I should take this one more seriously, and in the future I promise, more laughing and B. I ought to impart my vast knowledge on the general blogger public (see..already with the laughing!!)

OK So I came up with some recommendations. For what I don't know. Just some general, do this don't do that kind of things.

1. Learn how to spell "recommendations" if you're going to use it. That red line can be very angry looking and ominous.
2. Not sleeping, waking up before the sun does, and then drinking A LOT of caffeine, then attempting to sit through class with a guest speaker..not a good idea. it leads to playing MASH (hilarious by the way) and a general inability to sit still, have a continuous thought, or keep your eyes on your own notes however minimal they may be.
3. Do not leave a roast in the crock pot all day (8 hours) it tends to get dry and taste like dirt. Really, I don't recommend it. UNLESS you're feeding a herd of 6 year olds with undeveloped palates. They freaking love it. I swear if Hayden could have licked the bowl he would have. So I will add "disgustingly dry meat preferably with the texture of dirt" to the list of things my son enjoys. It now totals 5. lol
4. Being attacked by spiders outside the car is equally as scary as one inside when you're working on 4ish ours of sleep. Because at that point spiders have super powers and can come through windows. I'm serious. I'm just trying to help you out here. You choose to listen or not. Its at your own risk really.
5. It is perfectly normal to sing it the shower. I recommend you do it often. What I do not recommend is getting caught by your husband mid "ditty" when you insist on dancing while singing in the shower. There ARE some things that even your husband doesn't want to know about. Put that on your short list, unless you're like me and don't mind being laughed at. I personally thought it was embarrassing as hell, but one of the highlights of my day.
6. Listen up. This is good advice. If you don't take it, its really you're fault when it happens to you. Because it will happen to you. I hope it doesn't but..if you are really tired, and I mean really tired, not ooh I'm sooo tired I only got 8 hours of sleep (if that's the case, we need to have a pow wow about your sleeping habits) I mean 4 hours of sleep, when you're only averaging 6 then attempting to come to school. This usually means you need some sort of caffeinated beverage. I do not suggest you get coffee without a lid. Unless you have the reflexes of a cat, in slow mow, in a matrix movie, on life 1 of 9. Because, you see, stress plus tired and caffeinated, means you will inevitably make a poor decision. This decision might even be to put said caffeinated near your computer. DANGEROUS. Chances are you will be minding your own business when WHAM. Your coffee jumps RIGHT OUT OF YOUR CUP onto your computer. This is when the reflexes come in. I'm telling you, ninja skills wont save you. Only cats in slow mow with lives to burn. Otherwise, you'll be freaking out about the number of things you just lost, or potentially lost and not about the fact you're supposed to be learning something. (assuming you're in class) However, if you're lucky, your computer will live. Like mine. :)

The end.

Pic of the day: My new family. Be jealous. They are pretty friggin rad.

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