Sunday, October 12, 2008

I call it "creative avoidance"

What is it that I'm currently avoiding? Well, frankly, a lot. However, at the moment, by blogging, I am avoiding, specifically, my Appellate Brief. It is giving me such pains. I've never hit a wall like this before. Its a hard, hard wall. We're talking made of steel. (wouldn't it be great to have a wall made of steel? i mean c'mon..) It is eternally frustrating. Alas, and by AB'ing, (or avoiding it..i know..join me on my circus ride and you'll go down screaming) I am avoiding reading for Constitutional Law. And, finally, by doing school work, I am avoiding my real life. AH. There. See? And you thought it was going to be fun, easy, and fulfilling to be a law student. NAY! Its time consuming, brow beating, confidence killing, mind boggling, sheer torture at times, and most of all...eternally stressful. There are days when its just too much. And yet, there are days, that thankfully are quick to follow, that are the very days that keep me going. Those are the days when things click in class, when I have an honest moment where I truly enjoy the classroom discussion, and when I can truly say I understood something. Those days are in the minority most times, but yet, I'm still here. Mostly surviving.
I found this on YouTube:'m thinking of buying it...maybe it will lend others some insight into my world..

Picture time: I've been thinking about the wedding a lot lately, for various reasons. I sincerely wish I had a million pictures. I love what I have, but is there ever enough?? I didn't get to take any (well, one..) by myself, which was a bit mistake. Well, sorta. I want to take them as a trash the dress session...I think that would be awesome..I just need to convince someone to pay for it/shoot it!! This is a picture of me and Kristin...she's probably being her awesome maid of honor self and calming me down with a funny story or something...couldn't ask for a better friend :)

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