Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just call me a slacker

I'm ok with that. It wouldnt be the first time anyone has called me that. I pretty much live up to the name on a daily basis as well. I do just enough to get by without going crazy. Right now I'll take that. I'm not down for pushing myself over the edge. If you are, go ahead. More room for the rest of us. But if you're like me..lets all settle down, sit back, and procrastinate.

I like procrastinate much much better than slacker. Because lets be really honest, I'll get whatever it is that I need to do done, it just might not get done until the last possible second. I just haven't completely learned that lesson yet. I really should, but yet, here I am, procrastinating about my Appellate Brief. I mean, c'mon that thing isnt going to write itself...I'll get to it, eventually..I do it in pieces..they just aren't big ones. And its left me feeling pretty guilty at the lack of appellate brief that exists in my document files on my computer. Yep, you read it here first, I feel like a big lazy loaf for not having enough done. I dont want to waste this coming weekend working on this beast, but I will. Hopefully I'll get it written this weekend and spend the rest of the week editing. But who knows.

BLAH. I'm tired of talking about the Appellate Brief almost as much as I'm sick and tired of talking about this election. If I am forced to watch one more Obama commercial I might puke. I blame my TiVo for not knowing that I dont want to watch them and not letting me fast forward. Stupid TiVo. I take that back, I love my TiVo..please TiVo if you're reading this I'm truly sorry, dont break, YOUR MY BOY! Or girl, or electronic. whatever you choose, just don't stop recording my shows. They bring me joy and sanity when they are in short supply!! (sanity and joy, not the shows...I'm slightly addicted to TV so I have plently of shows..don't fret)

SO..back to the election..no wait. nevermind. I cant do it. I cannot dedicate another part of MY BLOG to you sir. Mr. Election. I have a sinking feeling you're not goin to go "my way" even though I'll get my lazy butt out and vote. Because, lets face it, the man is just not on our side in this election. I've never seen such a one sided coverage of anything...even the Olympics that were only covered by one station were less one sided. LOL.

AHEM. Changing the topic to something infinitely more interesting.


I've got nothing that fits the bill. So back to blabbering incoherently about nothing.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas. Its not because of the holiday's per se, I just love Christmas. I am really excited to spend my first Christmas as an official part of the Griswold/White family. (its going to be my first WHITE Christmas...haha lol) I've had Christmas with them before, last Christmas was the first time I was there for Christmas and it was a blast. Jacob's family is a hoot. It is a LITTLE overwhelming at times, but awesome. I'm really looking forward to having some time to just relax too. I might not even read a book over the holiday. Over the summer I read a TON, and last Christmas I read 2 or 3 books. So this Christmas, maybe I'll only read magazines! I like it. Tabloids and Girly magazines it is!

Ok maybe this is enough blogging for now.

very quickly. someone needs to motivate me to keep eating well and running....i have lost all motivation to do anything other than just try and eat a little better than really bad and as far as running is concerned, i'd rather poke myself in the eye ...im just sooo tired! so...if anyone has some motivation...please leave it in the comment section~ thanks in advance!

So picture time this post will actually be a homeade picture! Me, my brother, and my boy


K said...

So... I have no motivation for you to keep running. Why? Because I can't run. So thus, I have no motivation to do something I can't do. However... eating well is good! You're had some results, so keep it up! You know you'll be happy if you reach your goal. Small steps is a good thing.

Secondly, just because you dedicated a portion of your blog to Christmas does not meant it is now acceptable to put of Christmas decorations. You are still not a department store. I do not give you permission (although I had thoughts about my decorations the other day, and was thinking about where things were going to go this year). Hold out... We'll have Thanksgiving, and then as soon as the dishes are cleared off the table, we can take the decorations out that night! a tree-trimming, Thanksgiving celebration. Sounds like a holiday cluster-f. But a fun one!

Katelin said...

it is sad that you know me so well

very. very. sad.

im just glad there is a lock on the door that the christmas tree is behind. or else that bad boy would be up. oh and the fact that im not sure i can lift it...that might be a factor. im just saying.

christmas-giving/thanks-mas here we come! lol.

Jacob said...

I have the perfect reason to keep you running. Two words...appellate brief!!! That alone make me want to go run just so i could "procrastinate" a little more!!!

Jacob said...

one more thing...

I will not allow the Christmas decoration out until the evening of thanksgiving. Due mainly to the "homesick effect".

Sorry and I love you!!!