Friday, October 17, 2008

To fit or not to fit, fat is the question!

LOL. So Emily posted on her blog about fit Friday. I don't know any of the ladies who are doing it. But I do think its a good idea. Maybe my blog can keep me accountable to myself (and others too I suppose). A couple of the other ladies put some pictures of themselves on here. I'll get to that. I took them, I just need to upload them..and see if I'm super comfortable with putting them on here. But the beginning of the process is setting some goals. Here goes nothing:

--run at least 30 min/3-4x per week, with one long run on the weekend
--get serious about a diet...less diet though, more healthy lifestyle. I dont know how I feel about "dieting". maybe cutting back on ice cream a little till I jiggle less, but in the end that is just being healthy. so lets say: get serious about eating more burger binge weekends!!
--no more alcohol until I get some weight off. the weekends are the hardest, because I mostly drink beer. aka, calorie busters. I'll do so good, then get a beer, then munch..and there went all the work I've done! beer. only wine, and only if I absolutely NEED a glass to wind down..(and it must be white)
--quit snacking so dang no more 100 calorie snacks in the house, period.
--no more eating late. 8 is the cut off, no late snacking (see the last one)

I think that about does it. I really need to get serious about this. We're supposed to be running the half in February, and the furthest I've run is 5 miles, less than half of the half. UGH! I really thought it would be easier to get on a schedule, but it isn't. It is really really hard actually. By the time Jacob gets home I'm just done for the day. 6 o'clock is dinner time and study time. So I guess I should come home and actually study now so that I can get on a schedule instead of coming home and either napping (oh how I love sleep) or watching 90210 re-runs from 1994. LOL. Ok. So in keeping with tradition, here is my weight as now: 67.1 kilos OMG..that looks so big. DO NOT GO CONVERT THAT~ please. Just trust me, its not good.

Overall Goal: 58.9 kilos
Goal by X-Mas: 61.2 kilos

That would be 5 pounds less than I weighed on my wedding day by Christmas, and I tell you, I can do it. Wedding should have been more motivation, but in the end I was worried about spending more money on alterations, and I was just plain stressed. And for me stress=eating.

I digress..My overall goal is what I figure is a good size for me. I've never really weighed any less than that, and it's what I weighed when I was in high-school and was playing soccer, but eating like a haaas. SO I figure, if I can work out, and eat well, that wouldn't be so bad! We'll see.

Final Goal: Stop using school as an excuse. My dad became a marathoner in Grad School. No more Excuses!

Ok. If I'm going to get real about this...Here is a picture to prove it. It is a side view...I'm so not ok with the front view. Not happening on here kiddos. Maybe when all is said and done. BUT not now. NO.

Here is to slim-down success!!

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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Awesome!! Welcome, Katelin!!

(and I will be craving a Shiner Bock right there with ya)