Friday, October 24, 2008

Fit Friday!


Progress report.

I did really good all week. I mean REALLY good. I ran 3 times already and I am planning my long run for tomorrow morning. I started e-mealz, an email recipe program that emails you once a week with meal options. I picked the low fat program, its not a weight loss program, but its getting us to eat at home. The food is fantastic and we ate at home 3 times this week. We ate out last night and for a late lunch today (I'll get to today in a minute). But we're planning on eating at home tomorrow and Sunday so that is amazing for us to eat out only 2 times in one week. I made it through so far without a beer or wine, not that hard though, we just didn't buy any :). I didnt eat ONE 100 calorie pack. I substituted 100 calorie popcorn, I think that is better, but who knows, it helped me eat better all week, so if its not, I'll still take it for now. My snacking was so much better. I was really dreading coming home a lot of days because that's what I typically do when I get home. I go to the pantry and find something, then go back at least one more time before dinner. So even if I've done good all day, there is still the pantry deamon. Stupid. I should charge that thing rent!

So today...on fit friday no less...I. ate. so. bad.

Husband wanted Zaxby's (totally fantastic chicken fingers). I had planned on ordering the salad and just being done with it, but by the time I got there I hadn't eaten since like 930 and it was after 3. I ate 4 chicken fingers, some of my fries (not a lot) and sone homeade chips. And regular Dr. Pepper. Totally horrible I know. But seriously, it wasn't that much food now that I look at it. Not nearly what it could have been. So I'll take it as a "minor hiccup" in the process.

LBS: Before my little debacle today I stepped on the scale.
10/17: 67.1 kilos (this is when I posted, I can't remember if I actually posted that day or Monday, but we'll just go with the day it says on my blog)
10/24: 65.77 kilos

Thats 2 kilos! (3 poun ds!) Soo fantastic. Hopefully I didnt mess it up with today's little fiasco! We'll see in the morning I suppose!

So all in all it was a decent week, just one flub and some fantastic at home cooking!
I wasnt sure if we were all going to be putting a new picture up, I saw that It's Almost Naptime said she was going to, so I guess I'll join in! Hope everyone else had a good week!! We can do this ladies! Oh yeah, I got a haircut today too!! YAY! (disclaimer, this picture IS from day of food related debauchery so be kind)


Colored With Memories said...

wow, that is great. i'm so glad you translated the kilos for us...i would have been clueless!

i'm hoping to post a loss next week.

The Smiths said...

3 lbs - that is awesome! Great job and it was only a minor hiccup.