Monday, September 29, 2008

Kristin made me do it :)


I'm not a baseball fan...but what am I doing right now??? Watching the Sox game, getting wayyy to involved. Almost yelled at my TV when I couldn't find it...I had accidentally switched on ESPNCL (why they have an entire channel dedicated to game that ALREADY HAPPENED SO YOU KNOW THE SCORE is beyond me..and the caps stay because it adds much needed emphasis). SO..moral of the story?? GO WHITE SOX!

My Fav. dude...Ozzie..

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K said...

What a glorious picture of Ozzie.

He just called me, and told me to personally thank the White Family for their support on the drive for the playoffs.

He couldn't call you directly, because you wouldn't understand him. I had to translate. I've been speaking Ozzie since 2004.