Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fit Friday on Sunday

OK. really quickly, this past week was a beating. Most of the week it looked like I would end the week having gained a pound, but luckily, in the end I lost 2! Now I just have to manage to keep it off. I would like to say thank you to fit Friday, I now fit into the bridesmaid dress much better than I had previously. Thats what happens when you lose 5 pounds. Hopefully by Saturday I will have lost a couple more. I was really bad this weekend...stupid halloween. But honestly, I'm not eating very much. I'm so stressed out and while I have eaten bad stuff, its about all I've eaten. And that isn't very much. That is totally not to say I thin that is a wonderful idea, but I'll take what I can get. This Appellate Brief is kicking my butt. Usually I stress and want to just eat, apparently I'm passed that. Im eternally hungry, but can't actually eat. Awesome. Well I can, but only if its a cookie, pumpkin cheesecake or Halloween candy. Again Awesome.

Don't fret, there are meals. Yogurt in the morning this morning with granola, sammich for lunch with Fat free chips...and a few bites of a salad for dinner. So two meals outta 3 isnt bad. There was much snacking and consumption of caffiene inbetween. And sometimes, thankfully, caffiene is an appetite supressant for me. So that Venti non fat pumpkin spice latte did its job all day.

Thats it. Just didn't want to flake on Fit Friday!

Hope everyone had a much better go of it than I did!

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