Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its D-Day Ya'll!

War Eagle.

I like to think I'm optimistic. Most days, I know I'm more pessimisitc than most...Just really dont wanna get my hopes up just to get them dashed.

But today, I'm an optimist. I hear Alabama is gonna get caught looking ahead to Florida..And I also hear Tubby doesn't want to disappoint lonely Auburn fans in Texas who are buried underneath Con Law outlines. :)

Lucky Jersey---check
Optimism--sorda check

My War Eagle swagger might not be up to par these days....but I'm hoping for 7 in a row.

Take that Saban.

Oh. Husband is downstairs. I'm upstairs in Auburn Country.


WHOA IS ME. The smell of defeat is pungent. I will say Bama could have been a little bit more classy..that last touchdown was pretty asshole-ey. Whatever. We lost. I'm pissed. Now its time to look toward next year. And hopefully a better coaching team. Whether that includes Tubbs or not, I dont know. We will see though.

In the end. I'm still an Auburn fan.

But.....Go Gators. Get 'um next weekend Tebow. I'd like to see Florida take it to Alabama. I'd be ok with today if that could happen. Did you hear that football gods??

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