Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting: like Nike, JUST DO IT

I dont want to hear ANYONE whine about long lines, inconvenience, any of it. Get your ass out there and vote. (and by the way, its called early voting people. you've had 2 weeks most places, my mom excluded, they did away with early voting where she is, lame)

But please. Try and be educated. Lets not vote for celebrity. Lets vote for the person we think can run our country without running it into the ground. I did. I know that doesn't mean we have to vote for the same person. But, I would like to think my faithful blog readers are able to think with their brain, not the media or internet. If you can't, I feel truly sorry for you, and I take back my instruction for you to vote. Please dont, sit at home, eat bon bons and watch the election I would prefer that you not participate in. :)

I digress.

GO vote.

Get free coffee, doughnuts, ice cream. And be glad you live in a country where you're allowed to participate.

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