Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tired doesnt do it justice

The first thing you learn about in law school is sleep deprivation. I kid you not. I think they should teach a class on it, call it AWAKE 101 .They would serve coffee and sugary snacks and there would be no chairs. Why no chairs? Because the second thing they teach you in law school is how to sleep anywhere possible. I fell asleep for a short 5 minute nap on my computer yesterday. I have no shame. It was magical. So in AWAKE 101, I would not be able to have a chair. I would just figure out a way to pass out in it. I'm not sure what the exam would be. But it would not involve sleeping. Or maybe they would hop you up on mountain dew and make you try and sleep. I would ace it. See above :)

I have always been a sleeper. Always. I would consider it a hobby. But during the week I have discovered how to run on about 6 hours of sleep. I usually need about 8. 2 hours is serious business for me. I'm not saying that 6 is bad. But I am saying that it is difficult for me, the person who needs sleep, to operate. Because, since I forgot to mention it, getting to sleep is hard, waking up is hard, and having a good, uninterrupted, slumber is rare. I almost never wake up feeling refreshed. Unless its the summer. And I woke up at 11. This 6 hours of sleep is hard fought, and rarely fantastic.

But I digress.

Right now 6 hours of sleep would be friggin awesome. I havent gone to bed before 2 in a couple of days and I wake up at 7. Last night I went to sleep around 3. AWESOME. And tonight, I plan on staying up as long as it takes to finish this paper. Read: I plan to stay awake all night.

I should also inform you, the day before sleeping are freaksihly busy. Work Work Work. If I got paid based on the hours worked on a brief or studying for an exam, I would be stupid stupid rich. But alas, I do it all for free. One day I'll get paid and still not be able to bill for half the work I do from home.

How do you keep yourself awake during these times? Caffeine. In all shapes and sizes. Soda, coffee, tea. Right now water is a four letter word.


Law students should buy stock in it. Or any other caffeine based drink that gets you through the day. For boys I see a pattern that it would be those MONSTER drinks. They smell so bad. Like smarties, ground up, stirred in water and fructose.


OK. Enough complaining for the day.

Meaning: I will not discuss the outcome of the election. :) You're welcome.


K said...

Awesome post. So true. So very very true. All of it.
I wouldn't do as good in your Awake 101 class. I'm fantastic at the lack of sleep this week, but I cannot fall asleep anywhere. I mostly need my bed. However... yay for caffeine! It's a God send!

K said...

PS - When did you turn into a bald headed man? Wow, the AB has been rough on you!

Katelin said...

seriously. when did i turn into a man while i was at it? did you now you cant get a sex change when you're in the pokey? cuz i didnt. thanks judgey-poo.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Your sleep deprivation is SUCH good training for motherhood!!

Katelin said...

it sure is. after you said that i went back and read was exactly how i felt when my son was younger. he was not a sleeper like his mom, although those habits have changed. i thank my lucky stars he turns 7 tomorrow and rarely effects my sleeping patterns!

maybe AWAKE 101 could also include a "pop quiz/this is going to be your life" type day where you're tired, cranky, and have to take care of a tired cranky baby in line at Wal-Mart behind the 2 time mother of the year winner who lost back into her size 0 jeans in the hospital after giving birth to her little gems. and did i forget to mention, she's just brimming with advice? passing that pop quiz might just get you an A in the class!