Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Secrets

O.M.G. !!

I was putzing around on the internet, I mean studying the social scene with intentions of doing some sort of super smart study, lol, when I stumbled upon my inner-gay-man. Ok. Now this may come as a surprise to most people, probably even husband was surprised when I brought it up. lol. But I sooooo have an inner gay man living inside me somewhere (and not in a dirty way E/K).

Exhibit A: My love for Cher, Madonna (old, not new, new freaks me out), Celine Dion, Britney, Cristina....diva's in general
Exhibit B: When said diva songs come on, I cannot help myself, I either sing or dance along. I would rock some karaoke...I'm not saying I sing well, but I have heart :)
Exhibit C: When I see videos like the one below, I cannot help but connect with said gay man. I seriously loooove him. This is what I picture he looks like. And if I were a gay man, I would totally have some sweet sweet moves like his.

Alas. Here is my inner-gay man. He is my hero. Thats right, love me some Mariah too...oooh Bette..Bette Midler, gotta love BEACHES! lol. (sorry I can't embed it, it was disabled)

I have a holiday post for you, but I'm going to save it for another day. I need to make a rockin list of why I looooove the holidays so. Well, maybe make a condensed list, it goes on and on in my head :)

have a wonderful time watching the REAL sasha fierce. :)

Ill leave you with one of my fav. silly pics

oh and this one too


K said...

I woke up this morning with that Beyonce song stuck in my head (due to watching the Sasha Fierce twice... my fault I know, but its so magical. I've seen him to that before, but not IN FRONT OF the video! Classic!). Then, the Today Show decided to play the song after a commercial break.
So despite my hatred for the song, every time I hear it in my head, I can see that fabulous man doing his dance. And it makes it all better :)

Emily said...

love it! can we go shopping sometime Mr. Fierce?