Monday, November 17, 2008

Music Monday :)

Thank you Blogspot for posting a completely blank "music monday". Thank you very much.


Lest you think all I listen to is pop radio (which lets be honest, it is pretty much a lot of what I listen to, but whatev, I will occasionally stumble upon something fantastic). Just so it is noted, I could do an entire Music Monday on my disdain for Beyonce's new song "If I were a Boy". ICK.

OK so for a really long while now I've been loving this one musician. To be fair 2 musicians. One of them is Gavin Degraw. I don't LOVE his new cd. It just doesnt feel like "Gavin" it kinda feels like the record label go ahold of it and made him do some "radio" tunes. Not very excited about it really. Ok the other musician is Citizen Cope. I heard him one day on One Tree Hill (the best music by the way. seriously. espeically the old episodes). I picked up his CD (yes, pre i-Tunes, I actually have his real CD lol) and it did not come out of my CD player in my car. I loved it. Well I still love it. And while we are on the subject of music found on One Tree Hill, before I forget, did anyone happen to catch the song Hayley sang? It was amazing. I found it on i-Tunes, and I'm tempted to spend the 99cents for 1 song. Its beautiful. I digress.

My song for Music Monday.
My Way Home

Sometimes I miss a step
I stumble here and there
I'm findin' my way home
If I'm lost then I'll admit
Sometimes i plain forget
I'm findin' my way home
You can try and stand in my way
You can say what you're gonna say
But I'm finding my way home

Fitting I'd say. I'm constantly in a back and forth about where to make my 'home'. I have all these different people trying to tell me where I should or shouldnt go (unsolicited advice mind you, when I bring it up, its not big deal). I'm just trying to find my way to a place where I can make a home, a life for my family. I dont want to move Hayden around like my mom moved me and my brother around. I dont fault her for that in any way, but I want Hayden to have a little more stability. We have already moved 4 times in 7 years. One time out to AL and one back to TX included. I just want somewhere that he can make friends and not be worried we'll move away. I think I have found that in Fort Worth, but I just don't know. Around this time of year I get terribly homesick. I miss being in AU, and I miss being near my family and now that means Jacob's family too. I miss doing dinner at his parents house on the weekends, and impromptu dinner parties with his entire family. I swear they make up holidays so they can have an excuse to grill out and have everyone over. It's an awesome thing that I truly wish I could take advantage of more often.

Ok. So that's your music monday. Sorry its a bit long. You get to be my sounding board for "finding my way home". :)

Picture Time

me pregnant with Hayden. Be kind. I'm 16.

AAND baby Hayden.
cutest. kid. ever. :)
can't wait to see what mine and husband's little one will look like. just gotta wait a year and half..then 9 months :)

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K said...

I was LOVING Haley's song from last week! I went over to her myspace, and have been somewhat continually listening to it and "Halo". Fantastic! I would totally buy the songs if I had iTunes on this computer. But those songs going on my myspace playlist will have to do! :)