Wednesday, September 3, 2008

avoiding school is more fun :)

So...I'm blogging instead of studying. Sounded like a good idea. Even though now I'm not sure what I'm going to say!! There isn't a whole lot going on outside of what I've already said. Brent is going to stay at his house tomorrow, and he's taking me and Jacob to a game release party on Friday! That is going to be a blast, I hope! School is school. My constitutional law professor kills me sometimes. She just blows through really historically important cases like they're nothing. I just don't feel like I'm learning enough.

Gossip at school however does get me through the day sometimes. I swear its just like high school, but some days I wouldn't have it any other way. High School was at least entertaining!

I need to be writing my Thank You notes from the wedding too. I really do want to get them out, but I just really haven't had time. Its awful!! I do appriciate that people thought of us, and I thanked a lot of people personally....I'm just awful with etiquette! haha. (and no worries, i totally misspelled it the first time)

Anyway...I'm thinking of getting my wedding ring and my engagement ring soldered together. Which is hilarious because I made a big stink about wearing just my wedding ring..but now its annoying to look down and my rings are messed up.. :)

ok PICTURE TIME! Lets see......
Go White Sox!

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