Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Blog or not to Blog :)

That is the question! So instead of watching the wonderful video in Professional Responsibility..I have decided to make a blog entry!!! For some reason I can never get across my humor (aside from my international superstar entry) when I'm blogger-ing from home. So I'll try it here! bwah ha ha. The laughing has begun already!

So Hayden's newest "thing" is beat-boxing. That's right. You heard me. Beat-Boxing. He was at the table the other day just a beat making, then last night when he was going to bed we heard him upstairs brushing his teeth...then he was on it..beat boxing. I swear that kid is so random. I dont know WHERE he gets that from ;). bwah ha ha.

Now for the pathetic story of the day. I am just obnoxiously excited that Greys Anatomy. I literally cannot wait for it to start on Thursday. Do I have the time to watch it? In all reality, no. Am I going to do it anyway? Yes. I am pretty jazzed that the new TV seasons are starting back. (insert gummy bear giving Emily..she is officially my PR hero.) Where was I??? OH..I am jazzed about TV. So when I need a release from my "real life" I watch TV. I just need a break from all the critical thinking I have to do on a day to day basis. So do I watch good shows? Arguably no. I enjoy Lipstick Jungle, Greys, One Tree Hill, I have however broken my addiction to "The Hills" and "Bridezillas". I don't watch much reality TV anymore. It kills me. I get enough bickering during the day between crap at school and my life. I don't need to watch that crap on TV too. That isn't to say what I watch doesn't involve bickering, but having tried to watch Bridezillas the other is just TOO MUCH. Those ladies need to "take a chill pill". ANYWAY. SO, most times...running just doesn't get the job done getting my mind off of school or whatever it is I have to do/think about. So. To sum it up....scripted bickering + ok with me! hills/bridezillas crazy b*&%$ bickering = not ok. Bickering isn't the only reason I cant stand The Hills...its mostly Spencer and Heidi. To be honest.

Speaking of school. I would like to put it out there in the world that I'm going to bust my ass this semester to get good grades. I have done decent on this front so far, but now its time to hunker down and get the job done. So if that means *GASP* missing a few Auburn games (insert cringe here) then so be it. I need to get good grades. I need to get out of this place and get a good job to provide for my family. I don't have the luxury like I did in undergrad to just dick around and get decent grades. WHEW. Now. With that being said, yes I AM blogging during class. But I would like to argue that I am doing so during a VIDEO. Now raise your hand if you've ever been shown a video in law school outside of this class for the entire class period (crickets...BUELLER BUELLER)...thats right NONE OF YOU! I rest my case (steps off soap box)...WTF?? nude pictures...shakes head...this video is RACY! I would hope that none of them has nudie magazine day! YICK! (they are talking about whether or not they should release the pictures or something...the professional responsibility involved and what not..) again..the fact that these geezers are talking about nude pictures...skeeves me out. THE END.

ANYWAY. I think that's all I've got for you today.

PICTURE TIME! This is from last season. I left little messages on my gnome outside my house. This was to display my utter frustration at the lack of a good quarterback for my boys. So..the tradition continues. Our quarterback still sucks. New quarterback, same lack of ability. OH well. War Eagle anyway :)

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