Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday Tunes

Instead of studying for my very last final of the semester, I decided to blog. Smart I know! Gotta keep my readers satisfied! lol. And I need a distraction from the ever looming Thursday Final Exam. BOOOOO. But on the other hand, I will be DONE until January 12! A whole month! Well deserved I say!

What am I listening to these days you ask? Nothing really, other than the usual Christmas tunes and whatever is on the radio when I run to pick Hayden up from school. But, in the interest of trying to keep up with the theme of the Tuesday (supposed to be Monday) post, I'll blog about what music I'm excited to listen to once this beast called finals gets of my back.

Theme of todays music selection: what I will be listening to on my looooooong road trip over christmas break, I-20 here we come!

1. Britney's new CD. Dorky, maybe. But I really dont care. I love her and I'm looking forward to her entertaining me on my longggggg car ride/drive to Alabama next week!

2. Taylor Swift's new CD. Ok again, remember the long car ride referred to in the previous number? yeah. And I have enjoyed "Love Story" its cute, upbeat and hopefully will not lull me to sleep whilst behind the wheel.

3. My questionable Diva Music--it will all be loaded up on my Ipod. And I can't wait. I will also be putting my Reception playlist back on the ole Ipod..
(you dont get a picture for this one...sorry...google "divas" and you'll see why..seriously..)

Seriously, have you ever be stuck in a car for 13 hours? OMG BORING. But on the upside, I will be spending a lot of time in the car alone. Why is this so appealing you ask? Because I can listen to the aforementioned music without husband, brother, or kid asking me to a. turn it down, b. turn it off, c. get better taste in music!

Husband also downloaded all 4 Twilight audiobooks. Im pretty excited about that too. I have no clue what its all about, just a vague idea, but they are about 11 hours. So I'll get through a book on the way out and a little more than a book on the way back. So thats 2 books! I'm going to make a trip to half price books and see if they have any of them (crosses fingers) so in the meantime I can read the ones I dont get to listen to. Speaking of half price books...I'm also going to be heading over there to load up on books to read over the break! So if you have any suggestions of books I just have to read, lemme know. (and E, if the comments still aren't working lemme know...maybe I'll yell at someone important as my next clever way to avoid studying!)

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