Thursday, December 18, 2008

Before All the Good Ones are Gone

I decided to write one more blog before I go out of town. I dont know how much blogging I will get to over the Holidays with all of our traveling, so I thought I would figure something out for one more really good one before a string of, what I can only imagine will be big fat duds.

I have been toodle-ing around some other blogs and saw a couple of different things. One was a list of things the person wanted to do/had done already, the other was a wrap up of the year, and finally 100 things someone was grateful for. I also saw over on facebook a list of 21 random things about yourself. SO, I thought of just doing one big fat post will all of them...sounded kinda long and boring to me, instead I have decided to mix and match them all together and make my own!

In the words of one of my favorite housewives on TV "Hold on to your daddies girls!" lol.
Here goes nothing.

This is a list of things that I have done, that I'm grateful for, or that I have discovered are random about myself all in the last year.
In No particular order, and for no rhyme or goes nothing

1. Got Married (July 27)
2. Had my first married Thanksgiving, about to have my first married Christmas and Birthday...look ma! I'm growing up!
3. I'm grateful for some awesome new friends...they make school all the more tolerable
4. I recently discovered that I have an "inner gay man"..I now refer you to a previous'll have to find it as I am being extremely lazy at the moment, and do not wish to find the link for you. happy hunting.
5. I got my first credit card..not something I'm particularly proud of, but hey...I needed it
6. Something totally random about me that I recently re-discovered...all the magazines in the bathroom must be turned "face" down. I cannot handle it if I look down and someone is glaring at me from the cover of US weekly...
7. I am grateful for central heating and air. Although I do not have it at the moment, when I do get it again, I will love it more than anyone has ever loved a thermostat. I kid you not.
8. I am grateful for my new sister. She's pretty awesome. Who knew you could have a sister from another set of parents, that is only a couple months older than you? Funny how that worked out huh K?
9. I got a new name. My step mom isnt crazy about me dropping my maiden name altogether, but I quite like my new name, and I figure that my parents gave me a middle name for a reason...even though I might not love it all the time "Jean"
10. Random fact: my car has a name. It's J. Lo because she has a big ole booty. When my bff Sarah took me to my car in college, we could always see where I parked because the butt end of my car was always sticking out, not from bad parking...from bad design I say
11. I discovered more this year that I love to cook, and I'm pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself!
12. Sometimes I can't stand movies on TV. There are important parts they cut out! But I do love me some lifetime movies. Especially the "I was a battered wife and now I'm starting over and falling in love with this new hot dude but he is questionable and so am I" ones. heck lets be honest, I can be distracted by most any Lifetime movie.
13. I aslo found out that it is not always awesome to be better than your husband at things.
exhibit A: our Christmas tree didn't get put up until the very end of finals because my husband told me that I put it up better than he does. I would like to argue that if you've never done something, there is no way to know if someone else is better at it than you.
exhibit B: I am waay better at household chores, unfortunately that means that during finals certain ones don't get done. Or, and sometimes more importantly, they dont get done well.
exhibit C: I totally watch TV better than my husband. Or maybe I just watch better TV...who knows, either way..I'm wayy better at it, he kinda sucks. Stupid History channel.
14. I started training for the half marathon in Feb., and I'm still not so sure I'm going to be able to run the whole thing. I like to sleep, watch TV, know..anything other than running more than 6 miles...we'll see. wish me luck.

and finally, I'll end with something I want to do next year...
15. Get a real job. Maybe not something that pays, but something I can write on my resume. Believe it or not...that whole "Job" part of my resume is completely blank. Unless you can include a way awesome-er list of jobs that I do on a somewhat daily basis: I am fantastic at washing my hair, I study more than an ape on crack trying to learn sign language, I am a good toe painter, I wash clothes like a much that I could almost consider it a hobby if it didnt suck so much, I am able to keep up with a 7 year olds train of thought and on some occasions I know what he's going to think before he does, and last but not least I'm totally awesome in general. :)

OK. I hope everyone has a totally aweometasticly wonderfulistic beautifulishous holiday season.

Merry Christmas Ya'll.

Since its the end of the year, I'll leave you with some pictures of the happiest day of my life :)

My Bouquet, It was beautiful

The Church...didnt need much, it was gorgeous on its own:

Best MOH, ever.

Walkin down with my Daddy..I dunno if you can tell in this picture, but we look A LOT alike

Dancing always makes you feel better..even if you look like an idiot

Jacob, Garrett, and Hayden...handsome dudes

My two favorite guys...being themselves.

Thats it! Hope you stuck around for all of it!

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