Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 days

Until Christmas. Seriously. Would you like to know how much shopping I've done? Next to none. I bought my Mom's on Black Friday. That is IT. We took care of Jacob's Mom this past weekend, but that did nothing for my own list. (not that she's not on my list...Jacob and I split up who is buying I still have like 5 people to buy for, including Hayden!) Oy. Not to mention I mosly have no CLUE what to buy for my little dude. He has everything his little heart could desire. I'm sure I'll think of something! And now I know how my parents felt with my birthday being so close to Christmas. With him having a November's hard to figure out what he still needs/wants for Christmas a month later!

In other not so related news...the weather here was so bad yesterday! And while I am usually the one who just snuggles up and stays indoors, I had to get out in the crappy weather pretty much all day. I took Kristin to the airport in the morning (it took like 2 hours, I'm not kidding). Booooo, she's gone for 3 weeks. What am I going to do with myself? I have no clue. After I dropped her off, I headed to Arlington/Grand Prarie to get my hair done. (picture to follow) Back to the driving. I SEROIUSLY almost shadoobied in my pants. I have never never ever ever driven in "icy conditions". In the 4 years I lived in AL, it never iced. And when I was living here in TX I was too young to have to drive, or it just wasnt bad enough to care about. But yesterday was a totally different story. I drove, in the ice. It. was. nerveracking. I would normally call myself a pretty safe driver, I try to be as cautious as I turn I have been labeled a granny driver. But I take it as a compliment, most days. I'm not a big speeder, but I dont drive UNDER the speedlimit. ok.....Moving on.

Ok Ya'll I'm sorry I have nothing fun to talk about. I'll leave you with my latest hair do. And a promise for a funny blog the next time I pick up my computer. I have a list...just got to want to write them~

Sorry my face is so large...I can't help it. In all the other pictures I looked either petrified or just scary. lol. I'll try and take some pictures while I'm out of town. But dont worry. I'll still be blogging Im sure!

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K said...

I like the hair! It looks super cute! Nicely done, friend. Nicely done.