Friday, August 22, 2008

You're dealing with an international SUPERSTAR

So the fun way to get through law school is to make up songs in other languages...although it is quite questionable. Trust me. The next time you're down..make up a completely stupid song from Spanish, German, French 101. I'm telling you, there is nothing left to do but laugh. Even if you dont do it "correctly", picture yourself in front of a huge screaming crowd of "internationals" (c'mon you're an international superstar, of course they are from AROUND THE WORLD) and there you are singing your fantastic song. My favorite is in German. Wo bist meine shue? Under der Hund!! (where is my shoe, under the dog!) I know its incorrect in some form, but thats what makes it fun!! So I will leave you with my number one hit on the radio: Donde esta mi pantalones?

(oh and by the way...i did institute 10 minutes per day ridiculous dancing during the last 2 weeks of wedding apparently making a fool of myself is the way to beat stress without it beating me!)

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