Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm just going to say Emily made me do it :)

So, google you're name and "needs"..see what comes up, pick the first 10 (of if you're Emily..or me..pick the first 10 that are the least lame) and then post whether you need it or not. OK here goes nothing

1. Katelin needs to continue on the double dose of Tylenol and Motrin, and we need to make sure she stays hydrated and rested...no kidding!! hopefully one of those is the PM version so I can get some damn sleep..oh and does that come with a Dr's note?

2. Katelin needs to spend a bit more time with you!..if that is about Jacob or Hayden, yes, I do

3. Katelin needs school clothes...yes..yes i do

4. Katelin needs to join AA...haha NO I DONT..that means I'm a quitter..JK!

5. Katelin needs to learn how to play some volleyball cause she was stinkin up that mud..what?? uh no.

6. Katelin needs to write....needs inspiration...I'm going with a big NO, I need to READ not write

7. Katelin needs a doctor..no not yet..not unless he's going to do my work for me :)
and for that I need a lawyer DUH

8. Katelin needs sony-vegas...whut?

9 and 10 do not exist. Write my parents and complain to them about the spelling of my name and its lack of google hits! Otherwise, SUCK IT! Less work for me! :) haha..

I'll update some tomorrow..time for sleep!!
But in keeping with current tradition, I thought I'd post a picture....

Its a picture of a duck that walked in front of our car in Austin. Its just as random as my last few posts :)

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