Thursday, August 21, 2008

My dog needs to eat my homework :)

School is in session!! booooooooooooo Meh, it isnt toooo bad. The big bonus is that I have gotten to see a bunch of people I didn't get to see over the summer! HI EMILY! It has been so nice to see all the familiar faces! I have also officially made an ass out of myself in the first week. In pure Katelin style too!! So I got on the elevator, which I swear was going "up" but apparently I was sorely mistaken because when I got out at what I thought was the 2nd floor, was the Law Library, also known as GROUND LEVEL!! So I decided ah, what the hell, I will just get back on, then I realize IM NOT ALONE! People actually witnessed my idiocy. Not just people mind you a couple of 1Ls!!!! So of course I addressed the situation, and they laughed, but I still felt like an idiot!! haha. But at least I can laugh about it!!! Classes havent been awful, just boring, most of them. Copyrights is especially sleep inducing. Not only is my teacher possibly a drone sent to this school by an evil alien king who wants to take over the world, one law school at a time, one crap-tacular class at a time by boring each and every student into mind-numbing stupor so he can then steal their "grey matter", the material doesnt do anything for me either. Oh well. I needed a class, it was open, choices were here I am!! Anyway...not much to blog about...not that I'm ready to put out in the you'll just have to wait!

I thought this time I would treat you to a picture of my BEAUTIFUL pupper dog!


Emily Strittmatter said...

what does that mean..."not ready...yet"...are you preggers?!

Katelin said...

no not preggers...not yet! just a lot of crap going on with family...(you've heard it) but i dont want to put it out there yet till its a little less "fresh"