Sunday, January 24, 2010

Im sorry, WHAT?

I have a WHAT? A BLOG??? You must be kidding. I haven't written a blog in MONTHS!

Well ya'll its true. I DO have a blog. Crazy, I know.

I suppose I havent had much to say lately...the last 3 years seem like its just been more of the same. More complaining about law school, being in it, taking its exams, working in its bookstore...and now, that time is coming to a close folks!! I'm actually graduating in MAY! WHAAAT?? Barring an all out nuclear disaster, I'll get my JD in May of this year. I absolutely cannot believe it. Nor can I wait. I'm going to be as giddy as a school girl after getting her first kiss. Come to think of it thought, giddy doesn't even really begin to describe the different emotions I will have that day. I'll give you an expected run down:

---Gratitude---towards: my husband, my parents, my husband's parents, my brother, my extended family, my husbands extended family, and my friends..and nameless others (including but not limited to: an endless number of random people who have to inadvertently deal with my stress level: think cashier at major supermarket or bank teller, or random person running at the same time as me)
---Accomplishment--cuz really, who would have expected me to get this far? (we'll get to them in juuuust a minute)
---Excitement--Y'all..I will be GRADUATING..who wouldn't be excited?? I mean really.
---Anxiety--I will still have to move 3 states away and take the bar after all

-and last but not least, the tacky-est, childish-est, small-est, most deserved-est emotion of all
---An extreme desire---to shove my J.D. in the face of everyone, certain people in particular, who said I couldn't do it....they can suck a moldy sponge...eww..gross...but so true..

Bitter Betty says: MOVING RIGHT ALONG

What else has happened since I went away??? HMMM...lemme think...


I ran a marathon SUCKAS! Yeah, thats right, I (well, I say "I" but it was mostly me, and mostly my dad) drug my not so fat, fat butt all 26.2 miles! It was amazing. It was too many things to explain in one blog...I'm so glad I did it and I truly cannot wait to do it again. During it, not so much, but now that I'm a month out, I can't wait to do it again. I'll train longer and work on my speed, but it was the most amazing experience, and I had to reach into a place so deep inside and make myself do something I really didn't think I could do and I did it. I really did it. It may not have been fast, and it may not have been pretty, but I did it. AND IT WAS SO PAINFUL. But pretty freaking AWESOME. :)

Made a huge decision...We're moving to Alabama/Georgia in May. We will be living in Phenix City, Alabama and commuting to Columbus Georgia for work. Jacob is pretty sure he's going to be getting a job with the same company he currently works for (the same people he worked for when we lived in AL before). And I'll be taking the Georgia bar in July. It's something that we have really labored over and thought about the entire time we've lived out here in Texas. We have run through every scenario we can imagine and we really feel like our life is in a place where we really want to have another baby and we really want to be near family when we do. So, Phenix City it is. My heart breaks a little each time I think about being away from the truly one of a kind friends we have made here, but I know that it really is the best thing to do. I just keep reminding myself that living out there as an attorney will be VERY different than living out here as a student. Meaning, we will have money to travel. (i.e. come back to Texas to see said amazing, wonderful, one of a kind, more like family, friends)

Is that enough updating for one blog?? I THINK SO...

I leave you with a picutre, as always...
It's an oldie---but a goodie...Meet Pete. He's Kristin's pet Camel. Long story short: law school makes you crazy. Pete is pretty awesome, and works at Kristin's apartment complex showing apartments (or maybe he is just the ride so they dont have to pay for a go kart?) You also may have seen him moonlighting on the Discovery Channel, in Pantene commercials, and in movies such as Kangaroo Jack (clearly pre-Kristin, its really all the appeal of having him work at the apartments aside from him being a camel obviously). He is pretty low maintenance, but gets a little moody during finals and sometimes forgets to re-fill the Brita filter. Pete had a short romance with Bertha, the GPS in our friend Carla's car, needless to say that didn't end well. Pete is a pretty cool dude. I dont know how he's been dealing with the new boy in Kristin's life, but I'm sure he'll let Kristin know, he IS moody you know!


K said...

PETE! My BUDDY! He IS famous!
He really appreciates the blog mention. Although it did cause him to spit at me because I haven't blogged about him in FOREVER.
But I guess that's expected.

And um... this goes without saying, but... boo AL.

That is all.

Emily said...

Ok. I have an idea...a spark of genius really...annual summer vacations to bama or florida or somewhere out there!! We went with friends last summer, rented a beach was fab! And we'll bring a cousin or a sitter for the kiddo's...omg, i am so smart. oh, or it could be winter ski trip...either way. annual vaca, here we come!!

Katelin said...

I am 100% on board with Em on this one.