Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm soooo out to lunch

I'm suffering from a severe case of the "out to lunch" syndrome.

What is that you ask?

Its when your brain goes on COMPLETE vacation and you continually make an ass out of yourself.

Exhibit A:
I tried to get in the wrong car after registering for baby. I opened the door people. (but p.s. it was IDENTICAL to ours...and for the record...kinda stinky)

Exhibit B:
I chased down my "neighbor" by shouting "hey, where you goin with that baby?!"...only to then realize it wasn't, in fact, my neighbor, but her aunt who is watching the baby who happens to look shockingly similar to said neighbor from behind. Minus..oh you know...REALLY LONG BLACK HAIR. whatever.

So if you see a semi-distraught, but mostly aloof pregnant lady in your neighborhood...kindly turn me in the direction of my house...or better yet...put me in the car and take me home. If I can even manage to give you decent directions. Maybe I should invest in a bracelet or collar of some sort, just so people can make sure I get to the right place...

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